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  • I have forwarded your message to Mark for his comments. My comments to him follow:
    The following message was received in responce to a message I posted. I do not know if it is legit or a part of the typical internet scam. It sounds as though it may be for real. What is your interest, etc. The project I was interested in is more basic research than is proposed here. My recommendation would be to look into the Smart Car Diesel.

    Let me know it you think this is worth looking into. I attend the airshows and know of a few US projects that may be interesting also.

    Grant "
    Hello Dave,

    The man who designed the PSRU is now deceased. He was a highly talented engineer who made his living from designing PSRU's during WWII. All I know is the PSRU he made for me was 1:1 ratio, T6061 alloy case, internal gear oil pump, oil filter and the bearings were I think from big block chevy main bearings and two thrust bearings fore and aft of the prop shaft.

    Getting one to handle the HP was never an issue for this man because his work was usually to install them in prop fighters putting out 1200HP+.

    The material grade for the gears is unknown to me, I will see if I can find out more for you. Drop me a line some time again and I will see what I found out.


    I would be interested in hearing more about the PSRU. I am building a Bede BD-4C with a Subaru SXV 3.3 L engine. I used forged pistons and changed the compression to 8.2. As I will be adding turbo since my landing stip is at 9200 MSL, I anticipate a 300-320 HP range. Any news on a nice beefy PSRU would be welcome.


    Dave R.
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