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    Question about reading glasses and passing the medical

    Drug store reading glasses are good. You are just proving you can see good enough to pass the exam with corrective lenses. The AME cares not what they are nor where you got them. Your medical certificate will state the restriction, “must have corrective lenses for near vision.” You don’t...
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    Static thrust

    Here’s a prop pitch question as it relates to altitude. I have a Rotax 914 (turbo) with a ground adjustable prop. I am happy with the takeoff, climb, and cruise performance with the current pitch setting. However, I recently did some high altitude takeoffs and discovered the engine would...
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    Still breathing!

    Been social distancing in the SeaRey.
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    Still breathing!

    Replaced by the passenger shortage.
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    Still breathing!

    By September we’ll be able to better predict what the passenger airlines’ futures will be. Right now a ten year lull in hiring is a reasonable prediction.
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    Artificial Horzion

    Do they still make turn coordinators?
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    No one can explain WHY planes fly...

    Where do we find air with that much resistance? I’d like to avoid that place.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    This. After talking with a few helicopter pilots, I am willing to accept that inadvertent IMC in a helicopter is different and more challenging than in a fixed-wing airplane. The dual rated pilots I’ve talked with all say spatial disorientation/vertigo is a much greater threat in a helicopter...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    FWIW, I’m hearing several experienced helicopter pilots saying it is very difficult to transition to instruments when inadvertently entering IMC. There’s plenty of cases of fixed wing pilots succumbed by vertigo and spatial disorientation in similar circumstances. Apparently the control...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    It was typed words. Without facial expressions, eye rolls or vocal inflections, we should take the words literally. “I find it hard to believe” can mean just that. It doesn’t mean he is necessarily calling you a liar. Others took that as an opportunity to provide more information to make it...
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    Why so expensive??

    I’m not seeing anyone involved, employed or invested in SeaRey getting rich off the customers. They spend virtually nothing on marketing. If their price is too high it’s probably due to inefficiency rather than greed. I imagine it’s hard to increase efficiency when demand is low. There’s...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Yeah, but that didn’t happen. Perhaps you could explain why you perceived he seemed condescending.
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    GoFly event

    Anyone planning to go to the GoFly event the end of February at Moffett field?
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I’m hearing the pilot was the Chief Pilot of the company. Certainly he was not some inexperienced kid. However, if the part 135 Operator was only certified for VFR operations, it’s likely this pilot wasn’t proficient or current for IFR even if he had the rating.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    His goal was to get someplace specific. We don’t know if any IFR option would achieve that goal. I’m sure the pilot felt some pressure to get it done. Hindsight says poor judgment.