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  1. David Moxley

    Midget Mustang Rebuild

    Today I got the belly skin on that I made using the old one as a pattern , not a fun job , took about 3 hours of working it around . Also got the other 2 skins drilled off up front of it . Next step is to make the replacements skins using the old ones as pattern. Here the pictures.
  2. David Moxley

    Midget Mustang Rebuild

    Have put it off for several years & have finally started on rebuilding it . Lately I have been working on the Fuselage . There was damage I didn’t see when I bought the project. 3 of the 6 fuselage skins are going to have to be replaced . Finished making the lower tail cone Belly skin . I had a...
  3. David Moxley

    1/3 B-29

    Watch the video, did see where the pilot did anything wrong? Looks to me like the radio signal, or control’s may have malfunctioned ? I Have flown RC for over 50 years myself , and have had the same thing happened a few times . Just my 2 cents.
  4. David Moxley

    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    Of course I did Tom, sell the kits , not my kids, lol 😝 2 where on the gear The others were in various stages of completion , they went to Finland .
  5. David Moxley

    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    Oh I know about the BD-5 , I have Owned 6 or 7 different ones ,I’ve done a bunch of building on them . There is not a reliable motor for them , they’re super cool but in reality the ones that have flown I’ve always had problems unless you go with a jet and that’s questionable ? they’re...
  6. David Moxley

    Winter shop heat......

    Up here in northern Idaho a lot of hanger have gas radiant heat . It a long tube that gas flows through & burns heating the tube Element . In the winter time when it’s below zero to keep my shop at 50° the gas bill runs me about $50 a month . They are quite efficient and once in the shop you can...
  7. David Moxley

    Rivets - simple misunderstanding or misled by liars?

    This this should do the job !
  8. David Moxley

    Bottom piano hinged aileron

    The Bushby Midget Mustang used to use this design on the ailerons , hinged in the center , but I have since changed to the top hinge using a piano hinge .
  9. David Moxley

    special ??

    Today pro-sealed , and riveted together inbound rib fuel tube pick-up panel access on outer leading edge fuel tanks. Not real fond of working with pro-seal . Nasty stuff !
  10. David Moxley

    special ??

    Progress has been a little slower lately, been changing a boat motor also , not what I really enjoy doing. Been working on the outer wing panel inboard rib fuel pickup assembly’s .
  11. David Moxley

    Ebay Today

    Something fishy with that Thorp!
  12. David Moxley

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    The R4-D has fully enclosed main landing gear & a retractable tail wheel. These where improvements that where made to the DC-3 when the large Wright 1475 hp motors where added along with a large tail & squared off wing tips .
  13. David Moxley

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    The Pilot did a hellva job getting it down ! I’m sure that the Aircraft will be flying again.
  14. David Moxley

    GP-5 or Polen Special similar designs.

    I saw the Dr ,and the Brokaw Bullet many moons again at the Porterville fly-in , in Porterville Ca. At that time in had the big Lycoming in it . There isn’t much wing on it ! There use to be a outfit there at Porterville at the time , that was doing some work for Brokaw, Hydroforming bulkheads...