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    Wanted machinist

    several years ago I wanted a custom redrive and a pair of custom wheel hubs with the disk mounting flange integral. I contacted John Penry-Evans ( with Redrives | aceaviation. Kevin Armstrong participates on here often and he connected me with them. while the process was...
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    A new approach to bamboo, will this work for aircraft

    I always heard the T50s nickname was "hallowed" because that's all the time you had for prayer if one of the engines chugged a ball of sparks back into the fabric covered surfaces immediately behind!
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    A new approach to bamboo, will this work for aircraft

    is the op talking about an engineered form of bamboo now available as dimensional sticks?
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    3D printing in the Homebuilt world.

    funny, I just printed some"widgets reverse engineered from several other makers designs in molded plastic and aluminum. Never saw the parts int eh flesh before but decided to throw the old try at them. I cannot see wy testing to destructin cannot prove conclusively wether they are safe to use...
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    For Sale Craigslist

    Love that plane but that is just too far. Wonder what a reasonable offer would be...
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    This how airbus wings attach to fuselage

    have not seen this mentioned on this thread (might have missed it?). A 2 flute drill bit generates a 3 sided hole. The use of "double margin" drill bits allows for a much more circular hole, and a cleaner hole closer to the designed diameter. I also find that the burrs are reduced in aluminum...
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    Aircraft Grade Spruce "Market Survey"

    I would be interested in all of it as well...depending on cost of freight to the East Coast...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I Grew up in Brazil. The pilots of the twin and 4 engine airliners of the day loved to abuse the pax seated over the wing by intentionally not synchronizing the engines...especially DC-4s! The grind would perceptibly drive back and forth across the cabin from side to side. Meanwhile they could...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    All true ..but what if the fan blade that departed and possibly sliced through the inlet lip had continued through the cabin side and passenger(s)? Worried about that kind of failure consequence every time I got aboard. Those huge fan blades scare me!
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    Interesting side note. Way back when, the USAF research lab in Dayton at Wright Pat found that among the best "field" aluminum bonds resulted from a final scour/abrade using the actual adhesive during the process. Abrade, immediately wipe surface clean (no solvent!) Reapply adhesive, join,clamp...
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    Simple question...extremely complex answer. Tersely stated, no, the home shop bonding process does not equal the production method. For performance or durability. On a different tack, I have always found it intriguing that all the screw/nut joints in the fuselage truss violate the basic rule to...
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    For Sale plans Not disparaging Scott Woods on any way with the crazy times but sometes difficult to get a response. Also, note that these plane designs are. Built from 2024t3 and not 6061t6. So the weight will go up of you decide to...
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    Airplane plans inventory

    I forget...did I ask if anybody has a spare set of Micro Mong plans?
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    Der Jager plans?

    I knew that but failed to think of him as a resource! Thanks.
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    Airplane plans inventory

    Digital only...