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  • G'day Dave(?) greetings from Adelaide, South Australia.
    I was perusing HBA today and saw your post. More interesting though was your place of residence, Abingdon, Il. The name instantly bought back memories of the original Abingdon in Oxfordshire, UK. I was sent there for my first deployment in the R.A.F. many years ago and loved the place. Here's a link for you to do some research if you're so inclined.

    Hope you enjoy the link. You should visit 'Abers' when you finish your service. Good luck to you, stay safe

    Doug Mansfield
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    No worries. I will find them educational. But they might be to complicated for my human powered helicopter. I am interesting in a smaller, fastinger spinning rotor coaxial on each of the for masts with bigger rotors, as a way to take advantage of the center of the disk more, but that would be going after the last 5% of disk efficiency, with the extra weight, friction, and cost. It actually would not be too hard to do. If they go the same direction, the friction of the inner one would be pushing the bigger one in the direction I want, so not really a cost there. Just the issue of interference.
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