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    California Bans Small Off-Road Gas Engines, Including Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

    Yep. We Americans have lost the ability to look ahead to see where the market's going and get there first, like the good capitalists from Chi...wait...what? So far as I can tell, California is banning emissions, not ICEs. The justfication they're putting out is that operating a...
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    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    As far as I know, there's at least one licensee currently for the Norton twin rotor. UAV Engines Ltd makes them, but they will not talk to you if you mentioned manned aircraft, and they charge a lot for a small engine. A few years back they said they were selling them as fast as they could...
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    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    The Polling Thor 303 is pretty impressive. I'd have to rearrange things quite a bit to get it to fit in my Quickie cowling, but it might be worth a shot.
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    Airplane Wanted Wanted - Quickie Q1 Project

    Perhaps some of these non-thread-related items could be discussed as PMs or in a different thread? And maybe a moderator could trim it down to relevant posts?
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    Airplane Wanted Wanted - Quickie Q1 Project

    1Bad88, other than what you've done already (posting a want ad, searching Craigslist), I'd also drop a note to the Q-List and Quickbuilders (if you haven't done that too). I have a Q1 project but I'm hanging on to it for now. Nyah, nyah.
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks be fair, if that's the case, they did wait 24 years. And CATIA 3DExperience has been available for 7 years. But I don't think they're phasing SolidWorks out. They're just saying that instead of getting free apples the way we've been getting for the past several years, they'll give...
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    Something else occurred to me just now whilst poking around the web. Dassault Systemes, the French company that produces Solidworks and 3DExperience, originally wrote CATIA in 1977 to support design of the Mirage fighter jet. CATIA (after many rewrites) eventually became 3DExperience in 2014...
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    I'm now disappointed in this change because it's a completely different CAD package. I was dead wrong in my belief that 3DExperience was a new version of SolidWorks. It's still a good deal for EAA members, but not nearly as powerful. For those of you who still have the previous download of...
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    EAA No Longer Has Free SolidWorks

    I may be in the minority, but I see this change as an improvement. For $50, you now get support and your models and drawings no longer come with an "Education Version" warning on them. If you use the support once or twice a year, SolidWorks is probably about breaking even on the $50 you paid...
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    Belt Drives and design

    I don't want to spoil this thread, but it should be pointed out that Aeromomentum has a reduction drive that's designed for Suzukis, very lightweight, exceedingly well-tested and fairly priced. I see that you've (OP) said that you want to mount the engine like in a BD-5, which might preclude...
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    What is the Best Airfoil for a USA Part 103 Ultralight?

    My rule of thumb is that for part 103, using carbon, it's reasonable to shoot for less than 20 lbs per side. I also happen to believe that ultralight wings should also be easily removable, using sailplane-style "jeezus" pins. Some people prefer folding wings, and there are simple, well-proven...
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    Where is this airplane kit?
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    Not sure what you mean about "no overlap", but he cites smooth overlaps as an advantage of the technique. I don't see any reason offhand why you couldn't use a similar technique with infusion for multiple plies.
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    Reducing fuel consumption, PS200 Thermal coating

    I had the same thought about PS200 several years ago. I did a lot of research on it and got more and more excited. I saw that Moller had noticed it and (surprise) done some grant research, but that didn’t mean much. One of the lead NASA researchers died a few years ago, and the other one is...
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    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner