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    Whats the theorical speed limit (Vne) of a fabric aircraft?

    The Space Shuttles had some fabric insulation on the top surfaces. So if that counts, Mach 25.
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    Looks a bit like a Vega Gull.
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    Could you design anything stranger?

    About as efficient as their sponsors accounting software. Why make it easy, when you can add 10 extra steps!
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    Sidestick control vs control yoke vs panel-mounted control wheel

    My Dad said that on tractors they had pull on push off so if you hit something you’d naturally push throttle closed if your hand was on the throttle. Airplanes are sort of the opposite, many instances where you want to open throttle in emergency situations.
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    Pulling versus pushing - which way is better?

    This reminds me of the early days of rockets. Many were convinced that if you put the engine in front the rocket would be stable, i.e. pendulum stability. But, in reality it doesn’t change anything from a stability standpoint. The stability flying through air only cares about C.G. and C.P...
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    Defend Raptor

    It looks vaguely like an ultralight I toyed with when I was about 20. Except the box wing attached at the bottom and top of the fuselage, had more span, and the engine was mounted between the wings driving a prop. I can’t see how he can say the wing will be stiffer, the upper wing isn’t attached...
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    How Much Do The Holes Weigh ?

    Notice those are flanged holes. The flanges stiffen the part. The parts may have been designed to rely on the stiffening effect and a flat sheet without the flanged holes may very well buckle below required demand. Adding a hole to what is specified as a solid sheet could cause the same issue...
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    New canard designs?

    What about the Falcon? High wing with low canard.
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    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    I think making a “reversed” new head for the half VW with better fins is the way to go. Individual heads that place the exhaust port pointing to the back or angled down, but in the back. Would need a custom cam, but that shouldn’t be difficult as the lobe locations along the shaft would remain...
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    Fastest planes on the least amount of HP

    Wouldn’t that be the Harrier?
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    Getting to Deep Space

    If you look into these things it’s not NASA’s fault, it’s Congress. Same happened with the space station, Galileo, and a bunch of other projects that got drawn out, reconfigured repeatedly, a turned into excuses to spend money by Congress. Same thing happens at the DOD, C130 bought by the dozens...
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    Propless ducted fan ?

    I think when you look at the mass flow needed through those generally small ducts to lift a human carrying craft this won’t work. The exhaust velocity would need to be very high. Seems like another Silicon Valley unicorn.
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    SN8 flies - and lands with a bang

    After cleaning up the mess I can tell you having an abrasive, impossible to please, only there for themselves employee ruins the entire team. Especially if they oversee people. Doesn’t matter how smart they are, the entire team fails.
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    Woody Pusher Weight and Balance

    Thanks, that is what I was looking for.
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    Woody Pusher Weight and Balance

    Anyone have the weight and balance information for a Woody's Pusher? Forward and aft C.G. limits %MAC?