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  1. Dave Prizio

    Wrong impression of the EAA?

    The EAA is many things to many different types of people in aviation. It needs to be broad-based to survive and thrive. You should not judge the EAA by your experience with one chapter. Individual chapters vary a lot. Some are very builder-oriented some are not. For example in SoCal the San...
  2. Dave Prizio

    What counts as a "Major Modification" for an E-AB?

    For anything possibly affecting the airworthiness of an experimental amateur-built aircraft always start with the Operating Limitations for that aircraft. Typical language in the OLs will read something like this: "After incorporating a major change as described in 14 CFR 21.93 the aircraft...
  3. Dave Prizio

    Alternatives to the certified Rotax 912A/F?

    The Jabiru 2200 (85 hp) is ASTM approved for S-LSA aircraft. Last time I checked it was less expensive than the Rotax. The Aerovee engine available from Sonex is another possibility. I am not sure of its approval status, but it produces 80 hp and is reasonably priced.
  4. Dave Prizio

    Gascolator for fuel injected Engines

    Many RV builders are now eliminating the gascolator. However, the fuel strainer function of the gascolator needs to be met by some other means such as with a high quality fuel filter. If you have fuel injection the standard fuel injection fuel filter will meet that need. The fuel system must...
  5. Dave Prizio

    2 stroke engine @ 55% or 4 stroke at 80%, which is better?

    A couple of points. It is usually best to run an engine closer to 75% power, or at least 65% power. This provide sufficient pressure to properly push the rings against the cylinder walls without unduly straining the engine and producing too much heat. The overriding consideration in an airplane...
  6. Dave Prizio

    Automotive piston rings in Lycomings

    I would not be in any hurry to draw too many comparisons between Lycoming and Jabiru engines. I have spent plenty of time working on both, and I can assure you they are not at all the same. Jabiru uses a number of off-the-shelf automotive parts, but Lycomings do not. Jabiru's whole approach to...
  7. Dave Prizio

    The World's Flight

    The Sportsman is a great plane. If you and your friend can keep your personal gear to a minimum you can get 100 gallons of fuel in the back plus 50 in the wings. That would give you an absolute range of over 1900 nm, assuming 130 knots @ 10 gph. If you go with the carbon fiber fuselage, the new...
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    Your thoughts on those temporary aircraft tie downs.....

    Of the different types I have seen used The Claw seems to work the best in the most different types of ground. For example, the screw-type anchors work well in he grass at Oshkosh but are pretty much worthless in hard, rocky ground. The Claw is on the heavy side, but they work just about...
  9. Dave Prizio

    airplane choice for takeoff and landing at 10000 ft.Tibetan area

    I hate to be negative here, but there is a lot more to mountain flying than having enough engine. All of the planes you are looking at have very light wing loading (lots of wing with not much airplane weight). I can tell you from experience that these types of planes can be a real handful in the...
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    GA A&P's and home builts

    If you do not hold the Repairman's Certificate for the experimental amateur-built airplane you own you need an A&P to sign off your yearly condition inspection. If you held the RC you could make the decisions as to what was airworthy and so certify in your airplane's log book. Since you are...
  11. Dave Prizio

    Odd Question: Wood Wings and Metal Fuselage on a Homebuilt

    The Ryan PT-22 WWII trainer has an aluminum fuselage and fabric covered wings with wood spars. It is one of my favorite planes to look at, but doesn't have very good flying manners. Dave Prizio
  12. Dave Prizio

    Which Cub Kit?

    If you check out the March 2012 issue of KITPLANES you will find a pretty comprehensive review of all the Super Cub-type kits on the market. The Super Cub forum - The Home of All Things PA-18 is a good place to ask specific questions about PA-18s and their kin. To address your...
  13. Dave Prizio

    Finding the right kit - 6'-3" anyone?

    The RANS S-7S is a nice kit that will fit a big guy pretty well, but your $30K budget is a little tight for it. Sometimes you can find someone with a kit that they started but can't finish that is selling out cheap. By spreading the construction out over a few years, which most people do anyway...
  14. Dave Prizio

    News - new ruling on AD applicability to homebuilts

    It probably oversimplifies things to say we are "off the hook." The ruling does say that unless it specifically includes experimentals that it does not apply to them, but in this ruling the FAA has officially introduces the possibility that they may require AD compliance by experimental owners...
  15. Dave Prizio

    Looking for kit/plans plane that's suburb friendly

    An RV-7, 8 or 9 with quick build wings and fuselage would be a good choice. Riveting would be minimized, and a modest soundproofing effort would easily reduce the noise to tolerable levels for the small mount of work involved. Someone mentioned the Falco, a truly beautiful airplane, but the...