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    Celera 500l Progress

    It certainly is an interesting concept, but suspicion is always going to be aroused by a lack of published test results and other specifics. Wind tunnel tests of similar laminar fuselages with Boundary Layer Ingestion have indicated that it is a very promising approach. However, I am skeptical...
  2. danmoser

    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Thank you very much for your input, Martin. I'll be in touch with Geiger soon. My own version of the Moni with extended span will need only about 7 hp (5 kW) shaft power for economy cruise level flight, depending on which prop is selected. For reasonable climb rate plus margin, 25 kW peak/15 kW...
  3. danmoser

    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Thanks, John. Generally, I wanted to find out how well Geiger's electric propulsion hardware works, how fast it wears out or deteriorates, and generally whether it is worth the cost & risk in trying this relatively new technology. MGM's systems and the system used by Pipistrel are interesting...
  4. danmoser

    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Have any of you fine folks had exposure to any of Geiger's electric drive systems? If so, I'd be pleased to hear about your analysis, thoughts, opinions, etc. They look impressive for both low power motorgliders/ultralights, as well as LSAs. I...
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    Incorrect. The SWIFT hang glider uses rigid sandwich core composite construction on all control surfaces, mounted on hinges... not flexible fabric. Actuating the inboard flaps produces a slight nose-up pitching moment, which can easily be counteracted by shifting pilot weight forward and/or...
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    That parallels my experience as well.. mine was essentially a flat plate equilateral triangle delta with a central rudder, AR~2. I was able to turn it without using ANY rudder input (elevons only), but a modest amount of rudder allowed it to carve cleaner, tighter turns.. I could also turn it...
  7. danmoser

    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    Berridos, can you please provide a source of information for the "much more significant" adverse yaw of low AR designs? My understanding and experience indicates that the adverse yaw phenomenon becomes stronger as aspect ratio increases... implying that very low AR designs should have little if...
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    Such a broad generality can lead to the wrong conclusion. It's true that the lower aspect ratio design has higher induced drag over the entire speed range, assuming wing loading held constant,. But note that the difference in total drag is negligible at higher speeds because that is where...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    An accurate, detailed, and somewhat emotional account of the fatal Mad Mike rocket crash incident from a reporter who was closely involved on a personal level.. This is sort of the final chapter on a daredevil's ill-convinced scheme to become rich & famous. Senseless. DIY Rockets, Daredevils...
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    Moni Motorglider

    I measured the Moni wing profile at the tip to fabricate wing extension molds and discovered that it is definitely NOT the FX 67-K-170 section as reported. It seems to be a close fit to another Wortmann section, the FX 61-147 , but not perfect. Here's some points plotted.
  11. danmoser

    High aspect ratio wings

    Others have given you some good answers already, but I'd like to add a couple other high aspect ratio wing characteristics; * The lift from a high AR wing is more sensitive to angle of attack changes.. This means a higher AR aircraft will generally give you a rougher ride in turbulence when...
  12. danmoser

    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    I've done some research on this question.. the tractor arrangement (nose mounted prop blowing aft) apparently produces a vortex-reinforcing effect because sustained vortices needs core axial flow velocity. It is well-known that vortex stability and intensity is enhanced by blowing a jet of air...
  13. danmoser

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    A friend of mine was Mad Mike's partner in his steam rocket endeavors.. The story about the accident I got was that a pair of experimental backup parachutes came loose from the recoil of the thrust pulse at launch, snagged on the launch ramp, and were ripped free. That deflected the flight path...
  14. danmoser

    Wanted :186 cu in, Radial Y ; (30 hp) @ 1,300 rpm -- !

    Blle, I agree with your disgust for 2-strokes, in general.. The most undesirable aspects are: 1. Low reliability- they can quit unexpectedly 2. Low TBO- they wear out rather quickly 3. Noisy- they piss off neighbors 4. Dirty exhaust- they splatter oily reside on you & your plane Newer...
  15. danmoser

    Can a Challenger/Excalibur have folding wings?

    Actually, the Excalibur does not have the curved longeron "boat tail" feature found in the original and current Challengers. I think the original intent of the boat tail feature was to prevent rocks from being kicked up into the prop, but I'm skeptical that it did what was intended, or was even...