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I'm a pilot of sailplanes, hang gliders, and ultralights, and an aerospace engineer interested in all kinds of flying things. My profession is designing/producing composite structures and control/propulsion systems for aerospace vehicles... everything from kites to rockets. I run my own business: Compositex, Inc.

Hang gliders, Ultralights, Sailplanes, Light Sport Aircraft, Kites, Balloons, Airships, Rockets, Jets ... basically, if it flies, I'm interested!
Sandy, Utah, USA
Current / Future projects
Mosi Motorglider (highly modified Moni w/electric power).. 70% complete.
Kasperwing Ultralight 90% complete
Carbon Eagle Ultralight .. design stage
Flexwing hang gliders: Saturn 167, Dream 220
Past Projects
Mitchell U-2 (abandoned)
Kasperwing Ultralight .. flown & sold.
SWIFT motorglider. flown & sold.


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