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  • Danielle, I also hope all is well with you, I miss following your progress with the Dakota Hawk too. Jim (jic)
    Danielle, I hope all is well with you , I miss following your progress with the Dakota Hawk Joe
    Danielle, any more photos of your DH. Your building photo log is a great motivator for others contemplating building a hawk.
    Danielle, any progress on your Dakota Hawk????? I was really enjoying watching your progress. I hope all is ok.


    I have sad news. N280DH, my Dakota Hawk, is going to be parted out after all.

    Finally I will be selling the firewall forward portion of the aircraft. This will consist of the C-90 Continental engine with just 1050 hours since new, slick mags,B&C lightweight starter and alternator,stainless exhaust system (almost new) with heat muff and carb heat muff, air cleaner, airbox, spin on oil filter, and all Dakota Hawk baffling. In addition I am including the motor mount (Dakota Hawk specific). Prop and spinner could be included if you want. All compressions are above 75, no prop strike, and this engine is a keeper. This is a complete power package for a Hawk and would get you into the air sooner than any other option.

    I would be happy to have you talk with Craig MacDonald (my A&PIA) should you want to.

    Please let me know if you have any interest,. Keep up the good work on your Hawk! It is just gorgeous!!


    Roy Evarts cel 508 340 7218

    Noticed the beautiful seating!!! How about a cutout for the second stick or will yo mostly be doing all the flying yourself? I was only thinking of the transition training you might want/have to do. Of course I have no idea what your flying experience is.



    Which landing gear will you be using? There is a Grove Conversion gear which is very nice and hides the brake lines internally. Also much stronger than the standard gear....also much more $$. Best, Roy
    I have wanted a Dakota Hawk for several years and not having the knowledge , tools , or space I have been shopping for a built one. Found one but got a surprise. Hard landing caused fuse damage. Plane is in CA and looks like I will have to part it out. Do you have any interest in a nice C90 with lightweight B&C starter and alternator , 1060 since new, never been apart runs super?

    Please let me know,

    Thanks , Roy
    I enjoy reading your progress, admiring your organizational skills and clean workshop.
    Have you been logging hours? Are you continuing your plans with using a Corvair?
    I was at CC23, A 3000 cc Corvair in the plans for my Vision.
    hi Danielle,

    noted your work and certainly impressed. will have to get up to meet you and check out your progress.
    i live in West Ossipee, NH, Windsock Village (NH69). Currently trying to build a scale P51.


    Merle Wagner
    Danielle you are doing a great job, am seriously following each update on your log as am really learning from it towards my project.
    I am very impressed with your speed of construction. Nice looking work. I wish I had a shop like yours. Like Tom says, thanks for the motivation.
    Just read your progress log. Outstanding! Great to see someone building and not BS'n about flying boat,cars...
    Keep it up, I need the motivation. Tom
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