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    Updating an A-65?

    Prime problem is a hogged out accessory case oil pump cavity, usually combined with a worn shaft on the cantilevered oil pump gear and a hogged shaft bore. I recall someone developing a procedure to install inserts and re-machine. Anyone need one of these? Make an offer...
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    Steve Wittman

    Some may enjoy a piece about Arden Hjelle, titled "The First Grand Champion", Kitplanes, 2015. The Hjelle family had a close relationship with the Wittmans, and were kind enough to share a number of personal stories and photos. I had a blast researching the article. My thanks to all those...
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    Scott 3-24B Tailwheel Stamped "Military"...

    Probably guilty.
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    Scott 3-24B Tailwheel Stamped "Military"...

    .....certified for your Piper L-4 (or J-3), Taylorcraft L-2 (or B1, BC, BF). Average condition, see photos. $150 plus shipping. Dan Horton, 334-315-7160.
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    Continental A-75 A-80 Case

    A-75/80 case. Needs cleaning, plus stud replacement or re-plating. Believed good in all respects. Happy to photograph, check, or measure anything before purchase. Data plate re-stamped for installation of lighter A-75 pistons, which was common. $250 plus shipping. Dan Horton, 334-315-7160.
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    .50 Caliber Browning Guns

    Do it. Noisemakers are fun. https://www.danhorton.net/VAF/Oshkosh%20Arrival%20Enforcement/VID_20190705_184004470.mp4
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    Geo Metro 3 Cyl - A Good Engine??

    That's a Metro, not the earlier Sprint, the primary difference being the cylinder head. Suzuki, sold by Chevy dealers with a Geo badge. Re vibration, as a 120 degree three with no balance shaft, the vibratory block motion can be demonstrated by holding a pencil at the center of the shaft, and...
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    Not quite so structural foams?

    Just fine. Requires nothing special.
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    Noise Reduction Insulation Techniques?!?!?

    If I may correct a few misconceptions... The FAA test standard for firewalls is 5" x 5" patch at 2000F for 15 minutes. Although one might argue the standard is excessive or unrealistic, it remains the standard. Many firewall products are advertised as meeting FAR 25-853. That particular...
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    Vacuum Infusion Demo - 2019

    Assuming you have an interest in advanced composite fabrication, you'll find the demo to be very worthwhile. Download a primer of sorts here: https://www.danhorton.net/Articles/1216_ResinInfused.pdf
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    Moment of Inertia Formula

    Brain fade, sorry, Mr Peyton is an RV-10 builder. I'm told you're Bill Simpson. Keep swinging the bat!
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    Moment of Inertia Formula

    Sprint, previous generation, but I'm pretty sure it's the same crank. Is the Son of RAH? Good place way back when. Can't hang here too much. Let me know if something interesting comes up. Shout out: Billski is Bill Peyton? You've been writing some good stuff. Nice work. Wish I had...
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    Moment of Inertia Formula

    This may help, a simple guide to using the bifilar method. https://www.danhorton.net/HBA/Moment%20of%20Inertia%20Formula/Bifilar_Pendulum_Method.doc