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    For Sale Breezy

    Please post price & location in accordance with the Swap Shop rules.
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    Tubular boom from sheet?

    It sounds like a... fuselage.
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    Different propeller

    10 for a RH prop, 2 for a LH. :)
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    For the small plane A&Ps out there

    No, don't think I ever got over there. Back then it was 22/4, not 23, and 30/12 was only one runway, no R and L. I remember my first flight lesson there, we got in the air and my instructor saw me looking over at the Arch and said, "Don't even THINK about it!"
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    For the small plane A&Ps out there

    I flew from what was then called Bi-State Parks Airport (CPS), now called St Louis Downtown Airport. Maybe it's technically in Sauget? Haven't been there in over 30 years. There was also the old grass airstrip behind the college, we called it "the beanfied" because everything but the runways...
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    Carburation on overrun

    Less lubrication, yes, but that's not his issue here. If the airstream is driving the prop faster than the engine wants to run, the increased carburetor suction will pull in more fuel so the engine runs rich. However, 2-strokes don't like to be run that way, descending at partial...
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    For the small plane A&Ps out there

    Did that use to be Belleville Area College? I remember they had a flight school in Cahokia when I was at Parks College, which also had their flight school there. Parks used to have a very good A&P program (I'm talking back in the 1970s). Could get just an A&P, or a full blown 4 year degree in...
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    ...any one you can walk away from

    Any word about when the inspectors will be working again? "Tail in a hole" is a long honored way to check fuel flow, and a good idea whether or not the inspector wants to see it.
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    Ted, a New Member

    Welcome, from another automation design engineer! Not retired yet though...
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    For the small plane A&Ps out there

    Yup. There are some people who can look at an engine or machine or mechanism and just see how it's supposed to work, and why it has to work that way, and what has to be done to keep it working that way. I don't know if it's innate or learned, almost certainly both, but the little boy (or girl...
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    The big video topic

    Several of us decided to fly from Chester, Connecticut to Fishers Island, NY on a Monday evening. There was my Hatz Biplane, Stan's Cessna 170, and Doug's Cub (there were two others but they never did anything interesting on camera so they don't show up here, except for a brief glimpse of...
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    Fabric covering choice

    My Fisher had auto enamel over Ceconite 7600, which was a forerunner of the Stewart system. Lots of cracks. When I had to make repairs, I used the Stewart repair technique, which can be used over any system, and topcoated with the original enamel. House paint is probably OK too, there's a...
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    R 4360 Wasp Major

    The holes in the crankcase sections are large enough to slip the one piece crankshaft through. Split bearing carriers are assembled over the shaft journals and bolted into the case sections.
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    Drinking and flying in the team himax

    Nice! I love all the wood bits on the controls, looks like something I would do.