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    Cart before the horse?

    Excellent question! I was researching the Corvair conversions quite seriously when I decided to quit flying two strokes. At that time William Wynne was about the only one that was seriously in the Corvair game and was flying a Zenith 601XL with a Corvair conversion on it. I followed that...
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    It's you ...
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    JMR Special 1st Taxi

    If it's your post you should see an "edit" button on the lower left next to the "report" button. Click the edit button and you should be able to delete it.
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    JMR Special 1st Taxi

    Looks great sir! That engine sounds strong!
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Very ugly Cirrus SR20 crash. Sad and disturbing. Condolences to the family: Accident Cirrus SR20 N883PJ, 20 May 2020
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    Just for discussion, Mechanical fuel injection?

    Please don't use MG carbs to talk about carb reliability or the lack thereof. That's kinda like using Lucas to tell why electrical systems are bad. o_O I use a carb and it's the same model the O-200 uses and they are quite reliable. Admittedly they have had teething problems (as every...
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    Sonex Wingtip Extentions

    I can't be absolutely certain but it appears that both airplanes are sporting the same type of tips. Here's a photo from the video that appears to show that ... Here's a link to some install photos (follow the link mcrae0104 posted above): SonexFlight Podcast: Episode 69 - AllenFlight...
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    What did I miss?

    Appears he never saw it ...
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    Sonex Wingtip Extentions

    The video really doesn't show much but you'll get the drift. There is no company that I could find and only an email address for contact. I'm not interested in these personally but they are said to increase the rate of climb, better cruise, decrease stall speed, etc. They look pretty good on...
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    Got A Screw Loose!

    Most all of my experience has been with my engine in my airplane. But I get an incredible amount of email, text messages, and calls from other builders asking questions. One gentleman took a commercial flight quite a distance to come and photograph my plane in detail as he wanted to build a...
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    Testing for Resonant Harmonics

    Great info gentleman. Seemed to me that if this method worked well that it would be more widely used. I appreciate the input.
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    Why don’t airports have scales?

    I've been quite amazed that after six pages no one has blown the whistle and called all the children out of the pool yet. :popcorn:
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    Testing for Resonant Harmonics

    Keep in mind that I'm the uneducated one here so please be gentle. I read the quote below on another forum and found it interesting: "They started it up at night and put a standard automotive timing strobe light pointed at the prop and running off of one spark plug. The prop was appearing...
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    Ignition Timing Fun On a Dyno - Lycoming

    Apples and oranges and not near the sophistication of the equipment you had available in your testing but William Wynne had a very similar discovery with a Corvair experimental aircraft conversion engine test: “Corvair Fast Burn” Ignition timing settings FWIW ...
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    Preventing Corrosion

    Another vote for ACF-50 on aluminum structures. I use it in various places. It has many uses and comes in aerosol cans also. Great product! I was warned that if I was going to paint my airplane I should do so before the ACF-50 was used as it gets into every crack and crevice and it will seep...