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May 17, 2017
May 25, 2011
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Madison, SD USA

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Member, from Madison, SD USA

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May 17, 2017
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    Madison, SD USA
    Current / Future projects:
    Looking for a Stits Playmate plans/ project
    Next would be a Kitfox SS with the Rotec R2800

    I have been asked to custom build a RV9A
    Past Projects:
    Built form plans a W.A.R. P51-D Mustasng, 1/2 size.
    Engine used Chevy 3.1 ltr V6
    Full RG landing gear.
    Age 45,
    I grew up in a aviation with my dad rebuilding various types of crop dusters,
    Navy Vet. I spent 3 years working on CH46 Sea Knight helicoptrers.
    I Got my AP licence in 1991
    Spent 2 years working on UH1H Heuy, On an Island called Kwajaline in the south central Pacific.
    The next 12 years as a machinist
    3 years in the HVAC industry
    2 years building wind blades
    to the present time. After leaving the wind blades. I went to
    work for an Avionics shop here in SD. unfortunitly it was forced to close 6 mo later, So here I am trying to start a business of my own.

    AP mechanic.
    Private pilot
    just about any fixed wing aircraft
    Radial engine powered aircraft
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