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    A/C nail supplier

    Aircraft Spruce in Europe has been the only supplier I’ve seen recently that showed any nails in stock.
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    Airplane plans inventory

    Staggerwing drawings are out there, but I don't know if a complete set is, for sure. Drawing count I know of, is in excess of 4000 sheets. It's not for the inexperienced builder. One also needs exceptional skills when it comes to drafting and lofting. Many of the parts are drawn full scale on...
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    Sunglass Lenses ?

    Been running Green #4++ tint for the last 15 years or so, which is supposed to be as dark as one can get. Even that isn't dark enough for my needs. Had some that were the smoke gray tint and they were terrible for me.
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    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    Ron W. and I know of an R2 that’s going together right now and might do a first engine start within a few months. It’s already pretty small, so scaling it down much if any might be a problem.
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    HUDs have their place, but low and slow is not it.
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    Mo(u)lded plywood construction?

    Fresh cut cedar posts for fencing has been used in the south since back in the early 1800's. I've worked fence sections that had cedar posts in place for nearly a hundred years and the posts were still good!
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    Mo(u)lded plywood construction?

    It’s interesting to see the progression from the original wet layup of the Vega, to a dry layup with steam curing and then the dry layup with RF curing as the Fairchild progressed. It would be interesting if someone did the research necessary to marry the RF cure with modern composites.
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    Mo(u)lded plywood construction?

    Hit Kermit's youtube channel, as there are two more video's he's done on the Vega project. You can also see some Duramold stuff in this video about my airplane. The first half has the Duramold and airframe construction, while the second half is engine build and some flight fild.
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    Mo(u)lded plywood construction?

    Here's a video on how a friend of mine did the skins for Kermit's Vega...
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    Solder Splice Connectors

    Everything in military aircraft was solder type connections until the F-22. Even it and F-35 use some solder connections. Properly done, per the specifications and engineering, the failure rate of a solder connection is extremely low.
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    Substitute phenolic with delrin?

    Depends on how the phenolic part is designed. Under load, delrin can creep.
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    Airplane plans inventory

    If the drawings are full size, they have some value. The seqair site has everything else available for free download.
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    Cut down my trees or not?

    Bandsawbladesdirect is where I get my blades. Spec the tooth count, pattern and blade length and it's on my doorstep in a couple of days.
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    Cut down my trees or not?

    Actually, Keven K., the guy doing the restoration for Kermit, bought a log of specific length and had it rotary veneered. The Vega skins were then build up on a mold Kevin built, using those veneer sections. The decision was made to do the entire log, so as to not run the risk of running out of...
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    how to locate each holes positions relative to the center of engine shaft?

    We used to make quick and dirty hole templates with plexiglass to do repairs. Tape in place and then use a sharp scribe to mark the hole centers. If high accuracy was needed, two holes would be oversized and then we would glue drill bushings in place with guide pins into the structure. About 2...