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    Two cylinder gear-less twin aircraft

    No kidding, but then, so is 100LL. And lets not even talk about hydrogen...
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    Two cylinder gear-less twin aircraft

    I did a workup on a 1IC-> 2EM hybrid. It can work, particularly if the IC is one of several high performance motorcycle engines. Is it efficient - not particularly? It does have advantages in that E propulsion can be more effectively located. But it is not a simple solution, and neither is...
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    Whacko Science Fiction Stuff.

    I actually like this idea. Makes electro weak and strong forces work. Call it the P particle. The P works at Planck lengths, and depending on its interactions with other Ps, becomes measurable at supra Planck lengths. It is its interactions that determine its characteristics. At Planck...
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    Whacko Science Fiction Stuff.

    OK try this on for size. The world line of energy is unitary, what we experience as mass is an acceleration in the opposite direction. Because we live in a massive world space, our frame of reference is that oppositional acceleration. The thought experiment is the elevator. An elevator...
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    Hard shelling

    Look up Steve Rander and Schooner Creek Boat Works. Steve has developed a method of wood veneer over foam core, very succesful.
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    Please critic my Fuse design

    Would you consider staggering the seating to allow for a smaller frontal area?
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    Whatcha runnin under that Cowl????

    GSX-1300R-Y hayabusa with a few Joby JM2s on the other end. In between is a challenge at this point, maybe YASA 400?
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    Hybrid Power: IC engine to generator to motor

    I haven't done a lot of work on the shrouded propellor / ducted fan problem, partly because the fluid dynamics are not trivial. At the scale of the aircraft we are talking about, there is a lot of drag associated with these solutions. Even then, when I wave my arms around what I see is that...
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    Hybrid Power: IC engine to generator to motor

    I've been trying to put my hands on a specific hybrid file I created, but can't find it ("downgraded" my desktop to Windoze7 and my design suite became generally unusable, and my "design laptop" is in Vancouver) so this may be a soft description. Generally speaking, DC electric motors can be...
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    Flying wing for high efficiency

    40 bodies wont be doing so well at 16km altitude without pressure suits / oxygen. Anything else?
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    Neil Armstrong, first man on the Moon, has died

    Dude, really? He spoke knowledgeably about Santos-Dumont. He knew his way around a bunji cord in free fall. He was cold as ice on the difficulties of space flight. And as a dyna soar dude, he clearly was respected as a deadstick man. As Michael Collins said, "He was the best, and I will...
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    Orion is right, the software is not actively supported. It took me phone calls and personal emails to finally get the developer's attention, but it is worth the wait. Gil is very decent about everything. You just have to be patient and persistent. The communication did come through...
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    Micron CEO crashes his Lancair

    Geez, where did you guys learn analysis? In each of the statistics based statements, the parties have introduced significant co-factors that effectively make it impossible to compare the numbers. Autoreply starts his argument by introducing a selection bias - over a long period of flying...
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    Electric power...

    Lots of stuff here. Hybrid makes sense, with an IC engine to generate cruise power + battery topup. This has been discussed (very useful) already. Regarding batteries, there is a lot of work going on. Better yet is direct conversion technology such as cracking of hydrocarbons (methane) for...
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    Will wood replace aluminium in aviation soon ?

    From what I remember, most epoxy is produced from propylene (resin) and ethelyne (hardener), both of which are generally derived from petrochemicals. However, to construct your average sized boat or aeroplane, more hydrocarbons will be consumed on the last leg of delivery to your shop than are...