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  • Hi,
    Thinking about converting an existing HP-18 to a motor glider.
    Any thoughts on using the HP-18 as a platform for a motor glider?
    I bought Cozy Mk IV plans. I would like to know more about your Cozy. Please feel free to E me at my personal E mail -- [email protected] This is not my first aircraft build or reconstruction but it is my first composite. My Cozy Plans number is #846 and I intend to go retractable and 300hp. The 12 inch extension you did would ne useful to know exactly where you stretched the fuselage. And any thing you think would be useful mods.
    Please understand I have built some other aircraft but I am new to this type. Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated. I understand modifications are my responsibility to ensure airworthiness.
    I have built aircraft before, This will be this first composite design.
    I also o heard of some one possibly stretching out a cozy to install two seats behind the pilots. A blend with the Defiant without the front power plant. Truly interesting. between these seats one could install an additional fuel reserve maybe. Not my intended course. I more than likely with stay standard and think over the retract and 12 inch extension like you did. The information on high ALT performance between the 2 has me thinking.
    I live in the Portland Oregon Area. I hope you will travel to Arlington Fly in in Washington State next year.
    If you were to do it all over again, what would you do. I'd like a clean sheet of paper with what worked and what was not worth doing. Marc Z lists some 30 mods. So I have my home work cut out.
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