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    For Sale Rotax 447 w Gearbox..... $600 OBO

    Rotax 447 SCSI (single Carb, Single Ignition) provision 4 with A Style gearbox installed. Ran good before removal from UL. Been sitting in closet for a couple years, so needs gaskets and seals.... Carb included, but missing floats.... Shipping probably around $90 CONUS. Six one Five 566.9089...
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    rotax 447 problems

    Fought the same thing on my mower last year...... eventually after a carb rebuild, new fuel pump, etc, I started feeding it gas by hand, just pouring it down the carb.... Ran fine....... figured out that a neighbor was swapping my gas for water! Now they're walkin.....
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    For Sale Hi Max for sale.

    No, never did..... .
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    For Sale Hi Max for sale.

    Gentlemen:Here's a Beautiful Hi Max that needs to be sold. It’s easier to post a link my craigslist adhttp://nashville.craigslist.org/for/3907196874.htmlRonnie
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    Do two strokes inherently have to have oil in the gas?

    The supercharger for starting can be on a Cart, along with your batteries.... ie... Start Cart.
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    Wanted Rotax Gearbox 2.58:1 Pinion (small) gear...

    I need a small gear for a rotax 2.58:1 gearbox, this is the one with 19 teeth..... Late A Box, or B Box preferably... My gearbox didn't come with the small gear...:dis: E-mail if you can or PM, I check once in a while.
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    plans for a low wing light plane

    Google Team Mini Max..... Plans are free now.
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    Aluminum Prop Hub?

    This is the part that is actually mated to the crankshaft with the bolt in the center... I'll use a wooden prop bolted to the front of it with a crush plate on the outside...
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    Aluminum Prop Hub?

    Has anyone ever tried an aluminum prop hub? considering making one for light weight.... I'm wondering if it will take the stress, etc...
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    Half VW build costs?

    how much HP did you get with it? do you still have the plans?
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    Half VW build costs?

    What's the cheapest you guys have built a half V-DUB? looking to go 37hp the cheapest way, not sacrificing reliability, however.
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    Props for VWs...

    Who's making the wood ones?
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    For Sale Lawrance radial

    Out of curiosity, what are you asking for it?