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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    'Ground breaking' may not be the best choice of words...;) (prolly shouldn't use 'Earth Shattering' either)
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    Flying Boat or Bust

    Hello. I love the avatar. I also like the flying boats. Is there a reason you went with the Ferarri engine instead of something with better parts availability in the boonies should you need a part or repairs/service? Also, is this a pusher or tractor? What part of norcal are you in...
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    methods to batten plywood ribs....

    There is a product called a staple strip which is a plastic strap you staple thru, which allows you to pull out the staples by pulling on the strip. I m sure ACS, Wicks, and other aircraft suppliers will carry it.
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    Mark Stull

    It breaks my heart. I enjoyed reading his posts. Godspeed Mark.
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    Witold Kasper

    1000 fps film of Eagle Owl and possible reverse flow over top and bottom wing as it goes to high Aoa. Amazing nature - The Eagle Owl
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    Minimum plywood skin thickness

    The American designed Mitchellwing U2 uses 1mm ply for leading-edge 'D' tubes, gussets, and stabilator leading edges.
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    Smallest possible ultralight for real men 230lbs

    I have not heard mention of the Ragwing Stork yet (or any Storch replica). It is a replica of the Feisler Storch, and built to plans, fits the American LSA requirements. Plans built from mostly wood (no kits) STOL capable Gross weight 1200 Empty weight 497 VNE. 105 Cruise...
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    Seaplane kit recommendation?

    I just saw last week that the VJ-22 from Volmer is offered as a kit (less engine and avionics of course) from Aircraft Spruce for roughly $6000. Designed for the C-85 Continental engine with 85 horsepower. The BMW R1150 motorcycle engine weighs about 15 lbs less (wet with a PRSU and prop)...
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    Flying Skiff

    I have given this some thought and was leaning toward the skinboat method of Hull/fuselage. lightweight 18' hull of about 40 pounds or so. My question, can I use plans for a fabric covered ultralight plane like the ragwing parasol, and make a stepped hull on the bottom of the...
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    Bending Plywood for Leading Edge

    The Mitchellwing aircraft (U-2 & B-10) use a 1mm ply for wingskins and the leading edges (to make a 'D' tube attached to the spar. Also used for the leading edges of the stabilators. It is first wetted and formed, allowed to dry, and coated with epoxy on the entire inner surface just before...
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    WWII Mosquito construction

    Thank you. Very cool.
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    Old timer pranks / shop jokes

    Last time I did that I used 1/2 and 1/2 oxy/acetylene in a lawn and leaf bag. It blew the mirror off my truck door, blew the mirror off the windshield and cracked it, blew bondo off the door, blew my neighbor off his toilet (loud bang scared him), blew collector plates off the other...
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    Unadvertized secrert abilities

    Don't use the lemon scented kind. The yellow jackets REALLY like the smell. I used it on my windscreen of my bike and wherever I stopped, the bike was swarmed by them. It's very tricky trying to get on, start up, and ride off with several dozen 'jackets' buzzing around trying to find the source...
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    The cost of T-88

    Thanks for doing the legwork on that for me...;)