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    Arctic Cat Snowmobile Engine - 2021-2022 Blast 397cc EFI [email protected]????rpm

    Thank you for researching & investigation work you have been doing on this Artic Cat/Yamaha sled engine. Looks like there may be a few items to address, but this is an amazing engine and it may become a very nice candidate for homebuilders in the future. This sport would not be what it is...
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    Arctic Cat Snowmobile Engine - 2021-2022 Blast 397cc EFI [email protected]????rpm

    Wonder if Teal Jenkins from Skytrax would be interested in looking at a reduction drive.
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    Facebook Marketplace today

    Very nice looking Corben in mid-michigan.
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    Avid Mark IV kit, Ann Arbor MI area.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    LANSING, Mich. (WILX) - At 12:25 p.m. Ingham County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Jewett Airport in Mason, for a report of an airplane that landed without the landing gear deployed.
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    Cash Airport house opportunity coming to 97FL?

    I'm back editing my post I just made adding my $0.02 regarding this man's arrest & today's political environment. After reading it and prior posts I decided to change it. This is a "for sale & wanted" thread on a homebuilt aircraft forum....
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    Polini Thor 303 coming soon

    On Polini's site, the "303" is 37cc over the "250's" 244cc making it 281cc, and only 1.5hp over the "250".
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    YAMAHA C-TEC2 4000, 65 HP, 50 lbs

    Anyone find more information on this Cat engine? I've found several sled videos on the A.C. Blast and the Yamaha SX Venom, but none that discuss the engine with much detail. Yamaha's website states it has "Batteryless Fuel Injection", but also has electric start. I'm assuming the sled has a...
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    YAMAHA C-TEC2 4000, 65 HP, 50 lbs

    While doing some research on F.I. 2-strokes, that engine caught my attention also. (I believe the same engine in the 2021 Yamaha SXVenom) Looks promising, but will be a while before we see used sleds for a donor though. Supposedly, it's 1/2 of this engine detailed on Y.T.
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    Verner Anounced suspensoin of production for 3V and 5V radials

    Wonder how much interest there would be if they offered the 3 & 5 in kit form...add your own cylinders, heads, & pistons to keep the price attractive.
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    Just an F.Y.I., $15 off all versions of MS Flight Simulator today (09/22/20) only.

    If you were thinking of purchasing Microsoft Flight Simulator, B. Buy has listed on their daily deals the digital download of ALL of the versions of it. (making digital version $45). I'm not endorsing or promoting seller, but thought it might save someone a little $ if were on the fence. If...
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    440CC Honda clone , anyone using any of the big singles for Ultra light?

    F.W.I.W., Last spring I ordered & built a Vegas Carts 460 kit . Mainly because I love building engines and to place in the carcass of my Yamaha Apex that I had intended to remove it's engine and use for another purpose ;), but plans changed. Link to 4 pages of individual parts. The 460 runs...
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    Suggestions/feedback for new production engine

    Any potential liability issues would prevent it. Unless they spun off an aviation division...Delphly (sorry🤡)
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    Zongshen aero engines available in Europe

    Or written instructions...🙃
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    OK which one of us did this?

    It was Gretchen Dimwhitmer's husband...he said it was ok because his wife is the governor. (he tried to use his wife's influence while attempting to have their boat put in the water at their cottage near Traverse City during her lockdown)