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    Ragwing Strength and Design Considerations

    The box thingy appears three times + the tube spar and D-section + Pseudo-spar at Trailing Edge...All 2024 and 6061 for the spar (fabric covered off course) 9Gs according to Designer...
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    How to Find Information

    ain gonna tell ya squat , then!
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    Aluminum tail boom with or without fabric?

    They use an H chromolly reinforcement whit a bolt through just like the wings Now the Tornado earthstar aproach (and rans s18 i think) is to sleeve with same diameter smaller length a cut along tube and lotsa rivetts
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    Prop Sizing and PSRU Gearing

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    Malaysian airlines missing plane

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    Decalage angle

    Deburring ,Rivets , Bolts , Nuts , Washers , Material quality ...SAFETY ...okay...?
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    Electric Belite!

    Prop diameter...67" my guess... and the ratio Prop RPM at max power...? oops find it! close to 2600 rpms right ?
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    Voodoo wing reprofile

    Is doing "swag"...cause is "bling bling"...:ponder:
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    Design/Graphics Computer Question

    Acer is the only brand i would recommend for reliability...(they keep going after several years) nothing else... No ACERs here though ... http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/best-mobile-workstation-5-ideal-laptops-for-business-1271480
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    Design/Graphics Computer Question

    Notebook or Desktop...? Desktop's Design graphic cards are expensive...but there are some notebooks with'em integrated...so... And you'll need at leas two cores close to 3ghz , 6gb of ram or so and a fast HDD...(ssd would be nice) Your budget...?
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    BirdGlider - The Newest Airchair?

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    Why not Acrylic plastic for sheeting?

    We went through this before...for wing covering... (Local search function is GONE for good) http://www.reaa.ru/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1279032889/30