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    What to do with $135,000? Sonex jet kit available next year!

    The airplane has flown just a few times and I'm sure the envelope will be expanded. JSX-1 was able to do 200kt passes down the runway with ease, so I would expect the 170 number to go up. A lot. And I don't believe for a second that this will compete with an RV on any level. It's only...
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    What to do with $135,000? Sonex jet kit available next year!

    Whoa...comparing retired domestic and foreign military jets to the SubSonex??? I'd say that's the farthest thing from a fair comparison, especially from a fuel burn and maintenance perspective. Yes, I am a bit biased because John and Jeremy are friends of mine, but they will tell you that the...
  3. cjensen

    What to do with $135,000? Sonex jet kit available next year!

    I ran over to Sonex yesterday to check out the test airframes 1 and 2...simply awesome. John is so proud of the jet and I expect it to be a major hit at the show. Jet number 2 has a really cool military-ish paint scheme that just makes it look like a mini A-10 to me (if the A-10 had a v-tail and...
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    Aviation ball caps for sale, Velocity, EAA, EAA Homebuilders, Lycoming, Balz Out

    I have five ball caps for sale at $8 each plus $5.25 shipping in a flat rate box. I'll sell them all for $35 with shipping included. Each one is either new and unworn, or worn a couple of times, but cleaned. New, never worn, Balz Out Aviation in Reno, NV 2013 cap. Worn a few times, washed...
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    Anti-chafe cloth tape for cowling

    New roll, should be about 30' here. $15 shipped
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    Homebuilt C-frame dimpler

    Now $85 shipped
  7. cjensen

    Homebuilt C-frame dimpler

    For sale is my homebuilt C-frame dimpler with a 20" throat. The top hammer set is not spring loaded, but works great! Can be easily repainted. $100's heavy.
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    Little red kiddie biplane, signed by Paul Poberezny

    This is a kiddie biplane that I bought at an internal EAA auction a few years ago and is now just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Teach your little one's the 'in's and out's' of "flying" a taildragger. Powered by their little feet, steered by their little feet. It is signed by EAA #1...
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    Hamilton Watch Co. WWII panel clock

    Sorry, it sold almost immediately.
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    Cadet STF?

    Thanks for the info...I've asked several folks here at EAA and no one had heard that. Sad to hear, but I appreciate it.
  11. cjensen

    Cadet STF?

    Anybody know if Neal is still around with plans? They are still listed on Spruces website and they are usually pretty good about being current. I emailed Neal last week to inquire and haven't had a response yet.