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    Could I do this aviation job?

    No, I didn't apply for it, because (a) the pay turned out to be a typo, and (b) having grown up and being a native of the South (US), I am highly averse to the cold. I know this for sure, I've spent time in Oregon and Minnesota. My thoughts were "Why the !@#$%^ would anybody live up here in...
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    What happens to the fly ?

    I'm going with... low body mass... high acelleration/deceleration (depending on your point of view) to match the speed of the slipstream... talk about some massive G's)... and then the fly flew on... If the fly fell to the ground, it would be because her inner ear gyros (er, equivalent for a...
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    The big video topic

    My RC friend Mac skimming the pond in his Skyraider last Saturday in Williamston, GA (video - click picture to play it). He keeps offering to give me dual instruction in the same plane. My RC friend David's FPV RC airplane videos. Waiting on a TS-100 soldering iron - I have $220 of 5000mah...
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    The big video topic

    He had a good time up there... Click this to skip the blurb at the beginning - Video starts at 2:10
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    Ultralight markings

    Paint "COW" on your Ultralight, and "ULTRALIGHT" on your Cow. I put my aircraft insignia on my phone. On my transmitters. On darn near everything I have aviation related. Branding.
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    The big video topic

    My favorite flying dentist: =Folding propellors ! Sneaking a V-2 missle out of Nazi Germany in suitcases thrown into a C-47 Dakota. My favorite flying pig farmer. : - )
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    The big video topic

    This guy always cracks me up.
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    Cheap ultralight wing coverings

    One of my planes is covered in vinyl wrap. Maybe the first and only one ever? I don't recommend boat vinyl, or Tyvek if you're going to be sitting in the plane or want to keep it around forever. I've tested both just ripping them by hand or pushing my finger into them to see what they will do...
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    Feedback on DubCub ultralight design?

    Wouldn't two props working in clean air (for example. one each on each wing), be far more efficient than one prop in clean air, and one trying to work in turbulent air behind it? Not to mention, in this configuration, wouldn't the rear prop have to spin faster or be pitched higher to create...
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    The big video topic

    Water powered or steam powered belt driven industrial age factory. Speculations as to what was made here by looking at the machinery? Textiles? Grains? Machine shop? Someone's personal workshop? Blows my mind that not so long ago in the cosmic scope of things, we delivered power to every room...
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    Kolb Ultrastar - need details

    Spot the glories :) After watching this video, I no longer wanted an Ultrastar.
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    The big video topic

    Is that a girl or a guy polishing the propeller hub..? Things you don't often see at a Canadian Airport.
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    Could I do this aviation job?

    I kept a record of all the names and addresses of everybody who has ever sent me anything "aviation related". I can in fact rattle off every address and every item. I at least sent everyone who ever sent me anything a token gift of thanks because I'm not a one way street. I didn't have...
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    Aircraft *designs* available for sale?

    I think by this point most aircraft plans should be donated into the public domain, so they can be grouped together in personal collections, archived, replicated, and will survive. Those that don't, and hold out for some last oddball purchasers, probably won't survive, and will be lost forever...
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    Build your own HO229 WW2 German Jet Fighter!!

    I always wanted to build a static model 2142 PAC gunship to trailer to Cosplay conventions. I was thinking I could weld up a square tube steel frame with steel landing gear, with seat, build a plyboard cockpit, dummy glass cockpit, and then fill out all the rest in carved foam blocks and covered...