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Three to Six planes make up a Flight...
Red Flight, Blue Flight, Green Flight, Yellow Flight, etc.
Two or more Flights make up a Squadron
Several squadrons make up a

Meet Blue Flight...
39th Fighter Squadron, 35th Fighter Group, 5th American Air Force

This is Frank Royal's P-38 #33 "White 33" of 39th FS Blue Flight at N.MuseumofWW2A. by WestPac
My grandfather flew P-38 #31 of 39th FS Blue Flight. (171 total missions during the war).

Sullivan's P-38 #23 "MareeLee II" of 39th FS Blue Flight sits on the ground in New Guinea.
Sullivan and my grandfather star in the documentary film Injury Slight, Please Advise
You can watch it here:

My claim to fame: I'm the first & only girl to have ever taken an airplane through a Taco Bell Drive thru!

My airplane projects... and my aircraft trailer
Dorothy, Alice, Jennie, & Victoria

The guys on HBA made fun of me
for building a
20ft aircraft trailer
and finding and bringing home 3 antique ultralight projects :)
The more unwanted airplanes (by anyone at all) I rescued & brought home,

the more they hated me! Crazy, huh?
LOL, as if that would stop me.

I thought this was suppose to be a support group for building airplanes! My mistake!

Someone told me, prove them wrong! :p

Screw airplanes. I left this place to
go flying

How about you?


steam ~ fpvbook ~ edgy

Don't message me here, instead, email me at:

Have fun writing your posts : - )

I'm in the air now, and you better believe I'm dangerous
But not as dangerous as you General Aviation Pilots

Want to fly on the super cheap?

FPV RC quadcopters and long range flying wings are the way to go !

No $ hanger fees, no $ dual instruction to pay for, no medicals, no $ engine overhauls, no trailering,
no $ recovering sun bleached fabric, no $ overpriced aircraft parts to buy, no risk to your life or limb or spine.

The world has radically changed
You no longer need to be in a cockpit to enjoy flying.
I can say that, I got three ultralight projects languishing in the shop
And for coming to that conclusion myself
and saying that nicely in one post,
that's why some dumb as dishwater dipsh1t around here banned me.
And now you know :)


These guys are probably in denial of the jet engine and that the jet age ever happened too
which changed... everything... they are ideologically toxic and stone cold dead wrong about politics for sure...
I don't trust any of their aviation advice any more and that's why I really don't hang around here anymore.
Keep that in mind when you read their dreamer posts and armchair advice.

when Private Pilots
who fly straight lines
following a GPS arrow
for miles and miles
and hours and hours
up high
call me "Honey"
and offer to give me free dual instruction!

I just want to stand on my tippie toes
and give them a kiss on the cheek! : - )
It's just too adorable for words!

Guns guns guns. Watch your six, because I'm on it.

Crashes in the News

I fly Reconnaissance, Ground Attack, and Standoff Intimidation for Antifa.
I fight
Right Wing Republican Ultra Nationalist Fascists just like my Granddad.
But I don't get to be just a Fighter Pilot.

I get to be the whole #@%^ air force :)
The entire police state against Choppergirl.

This fighter pilot likes those kind of odds.
Target rich environment, mofos! Rack up my score!

Choppergirl's Sound Pack on Rotor Builds

Current / Future projects
Weaponized Drone Research and Development to counter authoritarian and statist anti-UAS installations and deployments designed and implemented by Obsequious Yes Men and Whores of the State. Defense of Raw Freedom and Proscribed Civil Liberties.
Past Projects
Democritization of Violence to further the Personal Defense of Individual Liberties from Government Threats of Violence to Conform and Obey any Rules or Laws created by such dangerous Thug Organizations, which have openly and persistently threatened unadulterated freedom throughout history.
FPV UAV Front Line Fighter Pilot for the Anarchist Resistance


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