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Who was it that told me - prove them wrong?
Make parts, and you get... parts.
Write posts, and you get... posts.
While you endlessly create parts & posts
I'm ripping packs and flying instead
Because I thought outside the box
And you banned me for it.
What forum bans their only girl?
I want to say... suck it?

Your loss not mine.
No time to suffer millenial or misogynist haters.
There's flying to be done.
And I got battery packs on the charger... :)
I solder up my own Li-ion packs out of 21700's.
Carbon fiber is some wild, wild stuff.
It looks like fiberglass but feels and has heft like steel.

In the Five Years I was here...
Not a single person finished a single airplane.
So I left this place to fly Quadcopters instead.
Now I fly almost every day, instead of writing posts, or building airplane parts.

Think outside the box, and follow me out of this place if you want to do more than dream.
If you really want to fly... the world has changed... DJI FPV goggles change everything.
You don't need to be in a cockpit or even have wings to enjoy flying anymore.

You don't even need a runway, grass strip, hanger, or a shop.
You can carry your airplane and your cockpit in two hands to anywhere in the world
and be up in the air within minutes for pennies of electricity with a range of miles.

Email me!

Read the post I was banned for here! :)

Discordia Violence aka Eris aka Choppergirl
joan of arc of fpv

The world's most deadly and dangerous FPV UAV pilot.
Can't any other lady put ground attack down like me.

Violence is the final authority.

Lip Gloss = Aircraft Livery

be insurgent

I bought my 1st airplane project, Dorothy, a 1981 DSK Flatlander Volmer Jensen VJ-24w, on ebay for $38.

I bought my 2nd airplane project, Alice, a Chotia Woodhopper with two new old stock engines for $99, off Barnstormers.

My 3rd airplane project, Jennie Poorgirl, a Poorboy Pusher UL, I got free.

Victoria, my aircraft carrier, was a free rusty boat trailer off of Craigslist.

☠ ☠ ☠ I use to build a video game ☠ ☠ ☠
to make the most viscious and brutal online aerial combat ever.
My arena was a poetry of debris and destruction raining from the sky.

My Profile, 27,000 profile views

Aviatrix Extraordinaire

"Mademoiselle, vous êtes la première aero-chauffeuse du monde!" -- Santos Dumont, 1903

May your world be filled with struggle,
violence, discord, strife, creativity, and innovation.


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Your wingspan is 18.5ft, the bridge clearance is 18 ft, would it be a cool trick if you deliberately skidded your airplane under the bridge? This is the kind of thing I think of bored at parties while boys are trying to chat me up.Then I think, how about riding the rails like a skateboarder with your landing gear along a high voltage steel distribution cable. Wouldn't the lightning discharge be epic cool as your plane jumped to equal voltage potential with the line?

What if I had a grappling hook bolt and spring on the end of your wing, and I shot it out at a free standing telephone pole in an empty field, so I became like a control line airplane with an ever tightening radius accelerating around the pole, until at maximum aircraft survivable speed, I released the grappling hook link and continued in a straight line. What about solid rockets pointed in various directions on the tail of my plane, that could be electronically fired to spin me around 180 degrees or more during a stall, and be blown off and ejected when I wanted to end the turn, again with a button.

Choppergirl's Flying Circus ★★☠★★ AIR-WAR.ORG
Current / Future projects
Weaponized Drone Research and Development to counter authoritarian and statist anti-uSUA installations and deployments designed and implemented by Obsequious Yes Men and Whores of the State. Defense of Raw Freedom and Proscribed Civil Liberties.
Past Projects
Democritization of Violence to further the Personal Defense of Individual Liberties from Government Threats of Violence to Conform and Obey any Rules or Laws created by such dangerous Thug Organizations, which have openly and persistently threatened unadulterated freedom throughout history.
FPV UAV Front Line Fighter Pilot for the Resistance


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