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    Welcome home! Now time for some quality family time.:ban:
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    new use for high speed router

    While this sounds like the cats meow, there is one very real drawback. The non variable speed routers operate from 22,000 to 30,000 RPM and the variable speed ones usually can go from as low as 8000 to as high as 30,000 RPM. Now having said that, make darn sure the stones you are using can...
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    LVL verses plywood

    LVLs are (laminated veneer lumber) the same as plywood, only they come in dementional lumber instead of sheet goods. Oh and one more thing, they should have an engineering stamp that can be plugged into a span table. They are primiraly used in load bearing spans to replace virgin lumber. Since...
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    Power Tool Manufacturers

    Here is a list of manufactures that I have had good luck with. Keep in mind that I am a Contractor and my tools see abuse that yours probably won't. Portable power tools (DeWalt, Milwaukee,Makita,Hitachi,Bosch,Porter Cable) Stationary tools (Jet, Powermatic,Sears,Delta (X series tools and...
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    Power Tool Manufacturers

    I am going to assume you're looking for the lower end of the price spectrum. For a bench grinder, go with a name brand with the most H.P that you can afford and buy a $20 router speed controller to make it variable. I've got a Jet grinder and a Grizzly speed controller. For a drill press, you...
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    Got my first airplane!

    A fine looking bird. I am sure she will treat you well. :)
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    Shop Requirements

    Jimw, I think you miunderstood the term shop crane. They are not a tripod but a crane used for pulling engines. A Hydraulic ram moves a boom, extendable, up and down which is mounted to a carriage of square tube steel with casters on them. You can go to any parts store and pick up a foldable 2...
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    Shop Requirements

    I would skip the overhead carry beam in lew of an automotive type shop crane. It will be cheaper and more versitile. That being said, if the roof is high enough I would have the trusses designed with storage in mind. One can never have enough places to put things.:grin: If you are able to go...
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    My workshop preparations

    What I did was paint the concrete with a two part epoxy floor paint and that pretty much controlled any excess humidity. Next I went to the carpet store and bought some carpet remnants with padding attached. I just put them where ever I stand the most. Works pretty good down to about -30C, any...
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    Jet enigne idea

    Howdy, and welcome!:p: Now as to your design, 1. The temps caused by burning fuel will exceed all of the materials you suggested. Short answer, it will burn or melt. 2. The way you have it pictured most of the expanding gasses will come out the big end not the small end. I don't know...
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    SOmething WOOD that the kids at school could make!

    I bought plans only from Fisher, but you have to dig deep in the web site to find which ones that are offered in a plans only. Not all are.:confused:
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    SOmething WOOD that the kids at school could make!

    This sounds like a grand project for kids. Just plan on to double the cost for materials. I can remember my days in school wood shop. I butchered many a piece of wood before I got it right!:D Fisher flying products has eight two seat models that are of wood construction, they range from...
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    Just remember that you can take off in a short distance with more horsepower, BUT landing will still eat more runway than taking off in most cases. 100 feet! Even with my plane, a single seat wood and fabric, landing stall of 24 mph, which takes off in 100' and lands in 200' is too short a...
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    Hello from a new member

    Welcome and a big hi from the northwest corner!:D
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    Progress thread

    Let's see, this year I have made 24, 1/4 ribs and installed them in the wings. Made the ailerons, installed them. Made the floor and installed that into the fuse. Remade my panel. Fixed a damaged gap seal on one of the aileron bays.:mad: Made bell cranks, attach brackets, control pivots, and...