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  • Ok, thanks for that. Yes I see now your final total empty weight, still not too bad considering the engine used. I have a friend who will basically give me an o-235 so with a deal like that I can't justify spending $15000 or more to save 50 lbs.

    Can you elaborate on the comment you made about Jan Eggenfeller's mod to get rid of that bungee cord? Also you mention that the bungee on the elevator cables makes the ailerons a bit stiff, how are they inter-connected?

    I think I would add some more "L" to the fuselage as with the o-235 I will need some extra weight in the tail anyway. When you are all done it would be really nice to know your thoughts on what you would have done differantly if you were to do it all again, things you would add or things you would change. Really interested to see the performance you get with the engine/prop setup.

    Keep the posts coming, really enjoy them.

    Take care and good luck with the inspection.
    I could have gotten away with less ballast. I'm actually in range with a 170 lb pilot in the seat, but it's a bit too forward for my taste in a STOL so I added the ballast. I'm doing the final W&B this weekend now that my cowl is painted and with the big-ass fire extinguisher I added I'll see how it turns out.

    There is oil canning that can be seen on my first start up video. I can't hear it with the engine running, but you can see it. If I were to do it over again, I'd add more "L"'s to the rear fuselage. Lots are flying without them with no issues. I have a lot left over and might add them later on, maybe next winter when it's parked for the season, but that won't be fun to do back there now, it's pretty tight.

    Yeah, MD-RA probably won't like the latches. It's easy to open the door with the latch in place but would crack the door to do so. If he gives me flack, then I'll probably pop them off for the inspection just to be safe and put them back on after.

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