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    X-Country in a chute!

    man that sure is going to be a long ride. i bet it will be awsome though.
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    ha ha ha lol:laugh: :laugh: :silly: :gig: funny stuff no safer than the pilot flying in other word's, right? somthing to think about before you leave the ground.
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    plan's or a basket case

    thanks for the info .
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    small portable plane?

    thanks george that site is awesome A+:ponder::cool::suprised:
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    small portable plane?

    sounds cool george, but your pic. didnt work (or at least not for me ) can you post another one? PLEASE
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    plan's or a basket case

    does any body know of a good set of trike plan's or somthing in need of some TLC \ rebuilding i allready have motor in mind (rotex 503 ) i think ill find a wing that is all set to go i think that would be a bit over my head and i still have to find sombody near by that does lesson's . (mass.)...