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    VW Heads Designed for Aircraft- Poll

    No need to invent something that's been successfully done by others. Copy the Rotax 912 head design and attach a small water pump on the pulley or flywheel end and go flying. A combined oil/water cooling is a proven method. Thousands of rotax engines plus hundreds of thousands of BMW heads. They...
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    I found a plane that's been de-registered, Now what?

    The registration shows Type Reservation - Hold. The widow of the builder is trying to sell it so its safe to say that registration just haven't been renewed.
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    I found a plane that's been de-registered, Now what?

    Hello friends. The owner of the plane that I found has died and the registration has been expired , plane was de-registered. The plane was an experimental homebuilt. Is there a way to get it registered again? What is the procedure? Thank you.
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    Wooden Single Seat Aircraft Plans

    Corby starlet is a difficult build for a novice. Volksplane VP1 is a way to go. Build it over the winter and go fly in a spring!
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    Where can I learn from on how to build laminated spar?

    Fritz, What is the exact title of the book? I am trying to find it online but finding nothing so far. *edit. Found it.
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    Where can I learn from on how to build laminated spar?

    I am not that far from you (mid Mississippi). No suitable wood here. I think I will have to take a road trip up north and go dig in piles of spruce or fir some saw mill up north. I plan on building volksplane. The AS has a "wood kit" for VP1 but it's near 2000 before shipping.
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    Where can I learn from on how to build laminated spar?

    When laminating do you change the direction of the fibers to some extent? For example one layer goes parallel to the spar other goes with slight incline such as 1:20 third goes in opposite incline 1:20 then maybe fit in one layer of white oak in to spruce or should I cut the pieces and make sure...
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    Anyone want to share a place to stay at for Oshkosh FOR FREE?

    Is it too late to +1 ? I won't need a couch , just enough room to inflate my matress. Will have my rental car so I can give y'all a ride to and from.
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    Where can I learn from on how to build laminated spar?

    Hello friends. I am looking for some information on how to build a laminated spar. I am interested to learn if there is any kind of official documentation pertaining to number of plies and gluing technique, thickness of plies and any other recommendations. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Prototype Volksplane VP1 - original

    The speed is really not what I am after. I have had an engine out that nearly costed me my life so I gave up on auto and two stroke snow conversions. Really hope its doable since I already know where one A-65 is and it's relatively cheap. :)
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    Prototype Volksplane VP1 - original

    I much rather A-65 then VW. Even if there is a slight overweight. You can bump A-65 to produce 75hp with virtually no extra parts or weight penalty
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    VP-1 Templates, G Code and SolidWorks files

    Thank you for that ! Those will come handy when time comes to build one!
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    Prototype Volksplane VP1 - original

    Folks, I am considering building a VP1 and wanting to stick a continental A 65 on the front. Is that engine much too heavy for the VP1 ?
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    Spark plug question

    Hello friends. What can cause a ground electrode pitting like this? It came out of two stroke on my friend's plane.