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    Questions about material on Jurca Mustang

    Nope. It won't. 50cal vs Steel Beam
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    What's wrong with the Affordaplane?

    Also... "Stress Without Tears" chap 2 typo?
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    What's wrong with the Affordaplane?

    Technical references - Books, Technical papers, software
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    Fly Baby Plans Available for Free Download

    Hey Ron, Long time, no type. I remember the Air Progress article when I first learned of Pete. What was it? 1963? That's the day I fell in love with the Fly Baby. Still do too. Richard Lamb
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    Best video for making wooden forms to bend ribs?

    Three videos starting here... But locating flutes really is a trial and error process. Once you know where to put them you can work them into your form blocks. Forming metal ribs
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    No. It is an interesting little airplane, but I fear too small for me to be comfortable in. And I would be concerned about the extra weight of me plus the 4 cv engine.
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    I guess I'm 1.83. It looks really tight on me.
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    The guy in the sketch is supposed to be me - 6-1 and 200 pounds. I've flown a Corby Starlet. Plenty roomy and comfortable.
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    It's a really interesting little airplane but the operative term there is - little! Big guys are going to find it a bit tight!
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    Not-so-solid massive core wings: Lightening the core foam

    Take a look at KR2 wing construction. It's pretty much what you are describing, although through different techniques. Foam is attached to the primary structure and hotwired to shape. The inner ace of the foam core is just raw foam. The foam supporting the skin has to be thick enough to pass...
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    Steps to scratch build a VW

    Not a good choice at all. Look at the difference in propellers. Continental A-65 vs VW
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    Tubular boom from sheet?

    \ Not true. The spars and center section have always been extruded tube.
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    Aluminum Tube & Gusset Airbike / Legal Eagle / Parasol Thread

    GZ, that one looks like it's straight off of Graham Lee's plans.
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    Aluminum Tube & Gusset Airbike / Legal Eagle / Parasol Thread

    Just a note to point out that the Texas Parasol does not use riveted aluminum tube in the fuselage structure. The fuselage is built using extruded 6061-T6 aluminum angle - overlap joints and driven rivets. While this may be a little heavier than pop-riveted aluminum tube, the weight difference...