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    FOR SALE: Ballistic Recovery System (BRS1800)

    FOR SALE: BRS6-1800 Softpack Ballistic Recovery System. Never installed. All components included. Same parachute and rocket system used in the RV-6/7/9 BRS but without the RV-specific mounting assembly. Can be modified to fit an RV or any other aircraft requiring an 1800 lb capacity chute...
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    Tell us what you are building!

    I'm not nearly as ambitious as most of you. I am building a Glastar from a kit [eek!]. 6 years into it amidst a busy work life and 4 home moves (one from Colorado to the Northwest). But making steady progress on FWF now! Build site link included here. I am in the process of porting all...
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    Trailing edge sraightness: what's the tolerance range?

    Yup. Two hinges per aileron. Thanks for the feedback, gang!
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    Trailing edge sraightness: what's the tolerance range?

    Hi Folks, Been many months since I visited HBA as I have been happily working away on my Glastar project. I purchased an in-progress kit from the original builder so I have been doing my best to pick up where he left off on various elements. On the ailerons in particular, he had labeled the...
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    iPad app for replacing panel-mounted nav/comm/txpndr?

    So I see the proliferation of iPad apps for managing flight plans, moving maps, Wx, even system monitoring & management, but I have yet to see anyone present an application that mimics (or better yet, improves) the in-panel nav/comm/transponder functions that currently require hardware eating up...
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    Tell us what you are building!

    Glastar #5788. Finishing an abandoned airframe project. About 60% complete Planning to go with an IO-360 and either a CS or Ground Adjustable prop. Too soon to talk avionics. Probably be all iPads by the time she flies! :)
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    New builder RE-introduction...

    Well gang, I suppose a re-introduction and an "official welcome" is in order. I am now the proud and equally intimidated owner of an in-progress Glastar kit! I want to thank you all for your advice, perspective and unwitting knowledge transfer as I've lurked on this site and others for a year or...
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    Cozy MKIV or Glastar project

    Interested in a Cozy MKIV or Glastar project in any state of completion. For Glastar, all parts must be included in kit even if unfinished. Please IM me with any details and photos. Prefer a project that has some form of builder log and original licensed plans or kit invoice in hand. Thanks!
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    Reference data for qty & types of Experimental aircraft flying?

    I am trying to gather some data about current quantity of flying E-AB aircraft. Focusing on the 20-25 most popular kit built and plans built aircraft, and this number does not have to be pin-point accurate (+/- 10-15% is probably fine for my purposes as it's just for a light market analysis)...
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    Recommendations for preparing a nearly-finished surface for a structural bond.

    Pursuant to some of the ideas offered here, I am looking for some feedback. Without asking you to read the entire thread in the above link, suffice to say some smart folks recommended adding "blisters" to the outside of a per plans Cozy fuselage to solve my interest in increasing elbow and hip...
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    Epoxy Heat Box: Fish tank heater?

    I read on another homebuilder site that some folks have used Goldenrods for heating and humidification control. I might explore this option.
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    What is this thing in front of the canard?

    Of course, once I looked at the higher res version, I realized it's the pitot tube! I couldn't really see the tube against the spider web fuselage graphics. And here I was thinking it was some cool new aerodynamic lift assist thing. :nervous:
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    What is this thing in front of the canard?

    In the attached photo I circled what appears to be a small airfoil just ahead of and below the canard on this Cozy. Anyone know what this is? I haven't seen it on any other canard aircraft.
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    Epoxy Heat Box: Fish tank heater?

    Maybe this belongs in Workshop/Tools but I wanted to narrow the focus to Composites. I see a lot of folks putting a light bulb in their insulated epoxy heat boxes. Hs anyone used an electric fish tank heater instead? With the built-in thermostat, seems it should work as well. Any issue with...
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    Cozy MKIV: Rounded Fuselage Concept (caution: LONG!)

    Thanks Aircar. "Blisters"? Yikes, that sounds UGLY! :ermm: But generally, I agree this is a good option and John (Synergy) suggested something like that as well. Also seems it could make the build less 'custom' by only adding to the plans rather than re-designing the entire fuselage...