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    Feedback on the Aeroconversions 80hp...

    Sounds to me like gahan, BBerson, and PTairco are the only ones who actually answered the question. The rest sounds like personal opinion and blah blah blah. The question was does anyone have DIRECT EXPERIENCE with the VW aircraft conversion, specifically the Aeroconversions engine. Not trying...
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    What happened to the Ultravair?

    So does anyone know what happened to the 1/3 Corvair Ultravair conversion? I was wanting to put together an Ultracruiser and thought it would be a good alternative to the 1/2 VW, and now I can't find anything on the internet about it. I remember reading about it and being on their website about...
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    All aluminum ultralight?

    Good input from everyone, but not really interested in ones that are too heavy or too fast, that's moving away from what I wanted to do with the aircraft. I basically wanted to build an all-aluminum ultralight aircraft that is 103 legal or at least very close to it (I've read that they don't...
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    Looking To Build & Need Some Insight

    Metal would be my preference too, and I would have to put the Sonex right up there as a recommendation. If you still prefer composite, you may want to look at the Arion Lightning- similar to the Pulsar but less costly to build. Don't know much about them though...
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    All aluminum ultralight?

    Thanks for the input, guys. As for the metal vs tube and fabric, it's just my personal preference; I just like working with metal better. So I guess that no one knows of one other than the Hummel designs then?
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    All aluminum ultralight?

    Difficult but not impossible, Hummel did it with the Ultracruiser. Check it out for yourself at flyhummel.com or just google it. The Teenie Two weighed 310 with a 4 cylinder VW, so it's not impossible to do.
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    All aluminum ultralight?

    Yeah, saw the CA2 a couple of years ago, too boxy for my tastes. I like the Hummel Ultracruiser, I was just wondering if there were any other all-aluminum ultralight designs out there that I wasn't aware of.
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    New to flying, need planning help

    I like the Hummelbird as well, but it can be a tight fit in that tiny cockpit. Still think the Titan T-51 Mustang would be a choice worth looking at, good 150+ cruising speed, 2-place, 300 foot takeoff and landing, and multiple powerplants to choose from (Rotax, Jabiru, Suzuki, even a Honda...
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    New to flying, need planning help

    Nothing wrong with dreaming, Rob. Just keep searching and looking for a design that suits you and what you want to do with your plane, you will find it! That's what this section of the forum is for, asking those types of questions and reminding us of why we dream and why we love flying.
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    New to flying, need planning help

    You might consider the Titan T51, all aluminium 2 place 3/4 scale P-51 Mustang. It has several interesting engine options, cruises at 150-170, and from what I've read seems to be a good aircraft. If cost is more of a concern, you could look at the Sonex/Waiex, you could build one for about 30k.
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    All aluminum ultralight?

    Anyone know of any all aluminum ultralights, other than the Ultracruiser? Nothing against wood or tubing and fabric, just like the idea of an all-metal aircraft better, maybe it's the mechanic in me.
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    Vega Cosworth

    I actually had a 1973 Vega, put almost 280,000 miles on it... and it wasn't burning oil when i sold it either. Maybe not a great engine for aviation, but the one I had lasted longer than most cars today will. It might still be running for all I know!