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    So many reasons to use a P.S.R.U.

    But ALL turboprops use a planetary gear reduction -don’t tell me that they are ‘unreliable’. Just need a good design for GA engines. Tracy Crook built a real nice unit for awhile.
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    Innengine finally in production

    The 2023 Mazda Mx-30 I think is using a Mazda rotary engine as a hybrid range extender generator. Cool that Mazda hasn’t forgot it’s elegant engine.
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    Questair Venture Ventral Fin

    He’s my neighbor. I’ll ask him over Turkey today. He wants to sell the Venture.
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    Anyone here living in an Airpark Community?

    5TX0 here north of Dallas. Make sure the Airpark has a super strong Homeowners Assiciation and is owned ‘in common’.
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    Flying Car ?

    What’s the latest on the Switchblade “trying to fly” effort? Did they get enough thrust form the ducted fan for controlled flight?
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    Questair Venture Ventral Fin

    What system does Fred Fandler’s Venture have?
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    Wing in ground effect boat

    Modify a Seawind 3000 kit with a lower hp engine for WIG? The 3000 we are finishing building has an io550 and is expected to cruise ~200 mph. One guy is using a diesel and expects it to be able to go trans-pacific easily. And no have to deal with choppy seas affected a wig. Thoughts?
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    $10 gallon Avgas

    Do you certified airplane guys using auto fuel have the Peterson STC in your logbooks? 100LL is $4.90 gal here currently in TX at KWSI.
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    All P337’s have turbos. I flew a G model from TX to CA at 16,000’-very nice ride.
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    Take the front engine off and install this engine. It’s going into ad-cats right now.
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    I like this push pull design. Gotta get me one.
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    Why isn't the push/pull twin more popular ? What you say.

    Yup, the wwII GERMAN Dornier DO-335 Phiel (Anteater) was a fine (fastest) wW ii piston plane. A composite replica would be the cats meow.
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    Contra-Rotating Propellers

    Do a vibration analysis for sure with aircraft props mounted? Torsional harmonics could be the bane of any gearbox/crankshaft.
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    Easier mould-making for a ultralight Low Aspect Ratio

    Ok, how about how to do a modified cowl nose bowl? Who could scan the existing cowl, modify the scan, then use a dxf file to cut a foam reverse mold for me? Or lay up the new nose bowl for a test fit? I may want to made several after they Or, how would I make a mold of the original bowl and...
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    $10 gallon Avgas

    You will probably save big time on decreased engine wear-no spark plug fouling anymore, cleaner valves, better oil possibilities w/o lead-like full synthetics.