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    sheet alu. skin over solid foam core?

    Shannon is right! That is what they do to the T-51's and it is the polystuff! :) CJ
  2. Captain_John

    Drill Size For Dimpled -4 Rivet Holes

    Gary, Nope... you are doing things right. That is normal. What I often do is crisp things up a bit by just touching the deburring tool to the interior portion of the dimple. It really makes for a flush, smooth product. :) CJ
  3. Captain_John

    Fixed I come!

    I don't maintain a website or anything. I just check in with updates. Let me scare up some pix and I will post them up here soon. :) CJ
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    Fixed I come!

    Jake, Things with me are AWESOME now that the dust has all settled in the divorce. I am back to building and things are going great since I got back from OSH. I am working on the canopy and fitting the wings. My beautiful girlfriend Karen sits in the garage with me working on her crafts...
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    Fixed I come!

    Jake, I have been checking in from time to time and following your progress. Let me just say, this is awesome! I call the 172 the Skyhawg. It is so stodgy and ill-performing... but OTOH VERY PREDICTABLE!!! Enjoy your training. I will keep in touch! :) CJ
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    Jake, Yes! That is the pow-wow! Call me and hopefully we can get together! The trip was GREAT! I haven't had time to write about it yet. Hopefully I won't forget the details before I get a chance to peck it out on the keyboard. In a nutshell, 33 Days on a Suzuki Boulevard and 14 states...
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    Welcome back, Jake! Say, I am planning on flying out to Oswego. Do you plan on attending their pow wow? Lemme know! :) CJ
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    Hello from Iraq

    Jake, Will you be home in the beginning of August? If so, PM me and I can stop by and say hello on my way back from Sturgis! :) CJ
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    How would you define "close-coupled"?

    Close coupled is a relative term. I am no En-ga-near, but I can explain it to you in plain english. I am a pilot who flies many types of aircraft and a builder of what I consider to be a closely coupled airframe. To me, it refers to the the distance between the rudder and the vertical axis...
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    'Must have' Shop tools

    I agree! It doesn't matter what you are working on a Dremel will make the job easier! They are so handy for intricate tasks, it cannot be explained. Whenever I visit the aviation department of Home Depot, I ALWAYS look at the Dremel attachments! :shock: CJ
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    more rivet questions

    That stuff is 0h.2thin" :roll: CJ
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    more rivet questions

    Oh hey... another tid bit for ya: :) CJ
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    more rivet questions

    Yes, that is an excellent resource! :) CJ
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    building durand MK V

    Cool! Welcome to HBA! :) CJ
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    more rivet questions

    You won't find a spec on where to dimple vs. countersink. Also, you will have a hard time dimpling anything thicker than 0.040" or so. Given that, you should dimple any material that... when you attempt to countersink it... you enlarge the hole diameter or leave a knife edge on the countersunk...