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    Attaching Whelen strobes to fiberglass tips

    I'm installing a set of microburst led strobes onto an already covered plane with fiberglass tips. They didnt include any hardware. The holes inside the housing are tapered. There's really no way to access the inside to install a nut or backing plate to use a 4-40 machine screw. Curious what...
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    Avid Flyer B model with old 503

    Hey guys sorry I haven't logged in here for a while so I am just seeing this thread. tsoftware did you account ever get activated on Avid Fox Flyers?
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    Avid Flyer B model documentation

    Saw your thread over at Avidfoxflyers. We will take care of you. All the info you need is there.
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    Rami AV-22 transponder antenna ground plane in chromoly fuse.

    So there's a lot of info out there but it's tough to figure out what's accurate. I'm installing a microair transponder with a Rami AV-22 antenna in my new Avid Flyer. How critical is the ground plane shape and size to the proper operation? I looked at a factory built Rans the other day and it...
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    AK-450 ELT phone cord really a phone cord?

    Mounting my ELT behind my seat and don't need the 20ft of cord that comes with the kit. Anybody know if a 6ft phone cord will work?
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    Cover wood fairings or paint?

    Oh my I love this site. This is the best reply ever!! While I'm not grey haired I built my first RC a Carl Goldberg Butterfly when I was 12 years old and continued to build until I left home for the Military at 18. I have quite a bit of experience with Monokote. I thought about it as an option...
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    Cover wood fairings or paint?

    I picked up a project a while back that has tapered wood fairings glued to the wing struts per the factory instructions. The struts are powdercoated. I've seen guys use polyfill and epoxy varnish and then just paint em. The more traditional method and what I have on my other Avid is to wrap them...
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    Reliability of Rotax 2-strokes

    Oh boy another one of these threads. Sorry but these always rub me a little the wrong way. 2-strokes don't quit they are murdered by their owners. These are not Lycomings or 912's. You can't just blindly jump in, crank the key and go fly. You must understand how they work and how to set them up...
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    Unregistering a kit that was never completed

    Well after three tries this morning and 22 minutes on hold I finally got someone at OKC to answer the phone. What is needed is a typed letter stating the KIT...not airplane was sold unfinished and an AW cert had never been issued or applied for. No fee. I googled letters to the FAA Aircraft...
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    Unregistering a kit that was never completed

    Thanks for the replies. The main goal here is help out the seller who doesn't want a registration floating around out there for the next year on pieces of an airplane he no longer owns. California will come after you for usage tax. I contacted a DAR today and he said it's easy to call OKC and...
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    Unregistering a kit that was never completed

    The plane has a valid FAA registration on file not just a reservation. If you Google the tail number he reserved it comes up with his name and address. Are you saying that without a valid AW cert it doesn't matter? Talking to the FAA or even a DAR for that matter has gotten really difficult...
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    Unregistering a kit that was never completed

    What happens if someone got an N number and registered a kit and then never finished it? It's never had any other paperwork done and the kit is still in pieces. What's the easiest way to make that registration go away in the database for the seller? Will their be problems down the road using...
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    Time for paperwork...question on Kit Bill of sale and registration

    I am doing paperwork on the latest project. The kit changed hands a few times along the way before it was built. I have the kit bill of sale to the original buyer but it's obviously not me which creates a problem for the 8050-88. The FAA site says an aircraft bill of sale 8050-2 will suffice as...