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    Borescope recommendations - Looking at mid time engines

    My mechanic/IA/consultant, who unfortunately lives 900 miles away, says that you can see a Lycoming cam (angle valve if that makes a difference) from the dipstick hole. what say you all with experience? cmh edit (left out the word cam and corrected a typo)
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    Looks like a Mustang?

    "We always ate lunch together and he would tell me his war stories. " Pops, You are very fortunate to have heard those first hand. cmh
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    Real or doctored photo?

    While not exactly under a bridge, Robert Moriarity flew a Bonanza under the Eiffel Tower on March 31, 1984.
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    *^#%@ 'ing Wood Bees !!!!

    As a wood aircraft owner, I share your pain. However, one should look at the bright side: Annuals by Orkin are inexpensive.
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    Reviving a hangar queen?

    Wow! I hope that My Viking ends up looking near as good as that. cmh
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    Reviving a hangar queen?

    Pops, You are right. I am rebuild/refurbishing a 1970 Bellanca 17-31A (Lycoming) Super Viking. Have one fuel line and one hydraulic line to to bend up out of 5052 before I can get the rudder pedals, cabin heat lines, bowden cables, etc that go under the floor and then I can start wiring up the...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    And in the end it will not be anywhere as successful as the 1905 Wright Flyer! cmh
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    Waterjet cutting at home

    If you have normal 220VAC single phase (1 neutral and 2 lines, for 220 volts across the 2 lines and 110 between each line and Neutral), then some of the new Variable Frequency Drives will convert the 110 to 220 (208) three phase. About $150 for a 1-2HP motor. worth a look.
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    TIG, stress relieving

    I never broke a frame tube on my Bultaco Pursang. As for the right side shifting, How would possibly shift with a left side shifter when the steel shoe is on the left foot and your sliding into a corner on a flat track? The only Yamaha's that were competitive in those days were the converted...
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    TIG, stress relieving

    My understanding for the reason to heat the general area when TIG welded is that there is an abrupt heat gradation between the welded part and adjacent metal, and that "stress relieving" the welded area normalized the grain structure throughout the area. Is this incorrect? Thanks for your input.
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    ...any one you can walk away from

    Fritz, You did a fantastic job. By definition, you made a GREAT landing. Good is one you walk away from, Great is one where the airplane is usable again. You did Great. Trying to turn back at too low an altitude is what kills a lot of folks. Your airmanship is exemplary.
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    Unbiased look at AeroVee 2.1?

    X05 is Pilot Country, NE of Tampa International. No Sonex's here. Indiantown is X58.
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    And add the models, he - James Bond cool in a tux, and she - drop dead gorgeous in an evening gown, both with a distant stare as if they are so cool that you shouldn't even think of trying to be that cool. Years ago, Flying magazine had that exact shot with a vaporware plane, a jet, single...
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    Early 2019 Christmas Wish - RV-7HW...Are you listening, Richard?

    NOt sure why the Bearhawk line doesn't get a bit more credence here. They are really as simple to build as a Van's. The wing is all aluminum and comes with the wing pre-assembled with almost everything done, NO drilling required. Sure the fuselage is 4130 tube and fabric, but it comes with...