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I'm a military brat born at Beale AFB in Northern California. My dad spent 20 years in the USAF, ending his career as a KC-135 Boom Operator in flight refueling of the SR-71. Flying was something my dad loved and I fell in love with too. My intent was to earn my ticket and take him back into the sky, somewhere he hadn't been since his retirement in 1970. Just as I was earning my PPL in 1989 my dad was diagnosed with ALS. If you don't know about ALS, there's nothing that can be done as the loved one slowly loses all motor functions. Because of this, I lost all desire to fly. My dad passed not too long after and I never went back to finish my training. I should have, I was in a 141 program and my instructor was about to send me to test. I had under 50 hours of flight time. It just didn't seem to important at the time. Now, many years later I find myself looking up at the airplanes flying over my house. I got into drones for awhile, but really, that's just not the same. I found myself watching paramotors, and for a time thought that would be fun. Except - they are rather limited, and to be honest that's a young mans hobby. Then I found that ultralights aren't the little multi-colored fabric things of the past. They have come a long way - they are still affordable, and my interest has now become a goal. I'll never be able to take my dad up with me as I had intended, but I sure can take him up with my in my heart. I know he'd want me to fly, and fly for him I will. Now, nearing early retirement, I have about a year for an early pay off on my house, then it's full tilt to buy my ultralight, get my training, and get back into the air.
April 6
Dallas, TX
Current / Future projects
Ultralight - Badland F5 Fujita - planning to purchase/build in the future.
Past Projects
Aircraft - none yet.
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