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    Beefing up spar to increase gross weight? (wood structure)

    And that's why dilettantes like me appreciate websites like this. ;)
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    Beefing up spar to increase gross weight? (wood structure)

    I have acquired a set of plans for a Druine D5 Turbi. It looks like it would be a nice, economical puttering around airplane. I’ve been thinking about what I could do to bump the gross weight limit up. I’m not an engineer, nor do I play one in the movies, but I figure the place to start is...
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    I Have A Dream - Tandem seat, Low Wing, Single Engine, All Aluminum

    RJW, that is a clean, classic looking flying machine. Anything happening with it? Projected specs?
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    The "Don't turn back" thing:

    This video tells me, "If at all possible, continue ahead." Caution: This is pretty graphic. A horrible incident. Tragic Airplane Accident - Biplane Loses Power on T.O. - YouTube
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    I Have A Dream - Tandem seat, Low Wing, Single Engine, All Aluminum

    I've been pining about the need for someone to design an LSA-compliant replica of the Ryan STA. Still waiting...
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    The Zero Displacement Engine

    I don't know...
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    The Zero Displacement Engine

    I thought this was the sequel to Nick Cooke's "The Hunt For Zero Point." (Actually, a pretty good read)
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    Scaling up a Part 103 design to LSA?

    That ION is a slick airplane! Doesn't look like it's available yet. The website said they're not even taking deposits yet because they are still developing/testing. I'm having to go with a plans-built project, because I have more time than money. If someone with the skills/knowledge took this...
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    Scaling up a Part 103 design to LSA?

    I've been searching and trying to decide on a 2-place LSA project. In my wandering on the internet, I found the T-100D ultralight. It's a pretty cool design, and a thought popped into my noggin (which my wife would tell you can be dangerous). The T-100D is a wood airplane designed to come in...
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    Use of certified parts for homebuilts...

    There was the Javelin V6 STOL. It converted a Tripacer to taildragger, used a Ford V-6 engine, and I don't recall what other mods there were. Haven't heard much about it.
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    The writings of Jon

    Re: My Childhood Airport. The Blue Swan Airport, Sayre, PA. It was a grass strip with a couple of hangars. My dad was a Private Pilot and took me there often. In my early teens I started washing airplanes to get rides. The airplane I spent the most time in was an old Aeronca L-16. That...
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    Another Frankenplane Concept

    Still trying to decide on the one airplane to dedicate my limited resources to. The fundamental requirements are two seat, LSA compliant. I recently discovered the Hevle Classic, which is a 2-seat Flybaby. I really like the lines of this airplane. Living in SC, we have pretty nice weather...
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    homebuilt twins

    Lindbergh did it on one with more primitive technology. ;)
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    CH 650 Question

    If anyone with 601/650 experience can offer input: I live near Charleston, SC. When I look at the canopy I see a big solar collector. Seems like it would be hot in the cockpit in the summer.
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    VW 1.9L / 115 HP Diesel?

    Does anybody know anything about this? I did a little searching and didn't come up with anything (at least not in a language I can read ;) ). Of course, one of the first questions would be how much does the engine weigh. Conquest VW 1.9 Diesel 115 hp - 17.5 litros/hora - Caixa de redução by...