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  1. Brian Clayton

    Torch Welding Aluminum: Is this for real???

    4000f vs 6000f, so its closer to the melting point of alum. You do have to use flux though. Gas welding doesnt leave as hard of a weld joint either. I use the "aluminum brazing" rods on occasion. The only real use I have found for them is pot metal repair though. Very low temp. Its more...
  2. Brian Clayton

    Inverted Honda engine

    Weight is the great equalizer...
  3. Brian Clayton

    Cheap air racing class to promote aviation?

    Its simple in a way, but then things like work, budget, etc gets in the way.
  4. Brian Clayton

    Inverted Honda engine

    It will be interesting to see what hp it will make both ways. When I get the block back from the cnc shop, hopefully it will be closer to figuring out the packaging issues and induction.
  5. Brian Clayton

    Converting a Rotax 583

    Not sure about the 583's, I know one of the big issues is the bolt pattern on the case for a PRSU. some of the early rotax engines dont have a provision for a gear box or maybe even a normal belt prsu. A non aircraft engine will be a single ign I imagine. While it can be converted to dual ign...
  6. Brian Clayton

    Paint stripper for aluminum wheels?

    blast it with walnut shells or plastic media if you are in a hurry.
  7. Brian Clayton

    Paint stripper for aluminum wheels?

    most any solvent or paint stripper will be fine. What aluminum (bare or anodized) doesnt like is caustic cleaners. Any thing that doesnt react with bare aluminum will be okay.
  8. Brian Clayton

    Tacky T-88: Time to panic??

    I need to make one big enough to put my shop in!
  9. Brian Clayton

    Tacky T-88: Time to panic??

    sometimes the surface layer stays tacky for a few days. Seems like it happens when the humidity is high in the shop. I would be willing to bet, if you knock off that top layer with a bit of sandpaper, you will find that it has cured fine.
  10. Brian Clayton

    Inverted Honda engine

    Since I decided that the next block I will modify will try to use a long sleeve (protruding into the crankcase area like a typical inverted engine), I took a few measurements from one of my cores. Keep in mind, these are total clearance measurements, not including operating clearance. Head of...
  11. Brian Clayton

    Tiger Moth 80%

    Brought some things to work with back from my shop at home in georgia... Another Honda D17 core, fresh pullout....supposed to have only a blown head gasket, Marvel carb and some CM tube drop to make the engine mount and landing gear. I will post the engine progress to my inverted honda...
  12. Brian Clayton

    Light surface rust problem.

    Lowes sells it under "metal prep" in the plumbing section last I saw. Green liquid in a clear quart bottle, JONESCO brand or something like that. By the drano and such last I bought there. Some places have it in the paint section under either "metal prep" or "Ospho". Just look at the label...
  13. Brian Clayton

    Light surface rust problem.

    ospho works great. Its not really a coating, so you can clean up any areas to weld tabs with a scotchbrite pad quick. Heavy oil coating are hard to clean back off before painting and you get nasty everytime you touch it. Ospho reacts with concrete and aluminum though, so beware. I use a spray...
  14. Brian Clayton

    Un-shrunk Dacron 1.6oz dacron $2.45 yd 60" width I played with a piece of the fabric store dacron. It doesnt shrink at all (or very very little), and had some sort of coating on it. I think raw dacron used to be found a fabric stores more often, but I think its rare now. Fiberglass...
  15. Brian Clayton

    started soaring lessons today

    I am about 35hrs into my PPL. You get to a point where everything "clicks"......that when you feel like a pilot, instead of just a passenger being told what to do. Things become unconscious reaction, just like driving a car for the first time vs years later. Thats when it becomes really fun....