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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I kinda figured they updated after you shared it.
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    FREE P-47 Replica FREE P-47 Replica Flagstaff

    I’ll share this info with a friend of mine. I doubt if he wants to take on another project, but he might in this case since his dad was a P-47 pilot in the war.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Actually, the article says the RCMP identified it as a Harmon Rocket.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Not all would agree, but here are three more that tickle my fancy for various reasons:
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    Culver Cadet LCA-90 Auction

    Oops, brain fart... you are correct. I’ll fix that now.
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    Culver Cadet LCA-90 Auction

    Nahhh... the Cadet can’t hold a candle to the Culver Dart when it comes to cuteness, especially if the Dart is sporting a flat engine.
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Catalina comes to mind, as well as a large private airstrip I flew into in Arizona (or was it New Mexico) years ago that was built atop a mesa by a warbird collector that needed a big flat runway.
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    Howdy! Beginning a Bobcat restoration

    Bobby Baker was a very charismatic and likable guy, but I don’t recall him being so handsome to warrant a comment like that. 🤣 Seth, when I knew Bobby (early 70’s), he lived in Piggott Arkansas, about 220 miles from you. I don’t know if he’s still around or if he stayed in Piggott, but you...
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    How to do what I want without using a 3LS design ?

    If you set a canard Incidence to stall above VMC, then you have set that higher minimum speed (and landing speed) for all flight regimes, even when both engines are still running. What about putting both engines close together so that the prop arcs are almost touching? That can be done with...
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    Why not a "Rhino Rudder"? Why can`t it work?

    For the Defiant, I believe the nose rudder was an attempt to avoid the weight and complexity of cutting and plumbing rudder controls all the way out to the ends of the wings. Since a forward surface can be destabilizing since it increases the projected area forward of the CG, I wonder if you...
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    90Kg Flying Club

    NO!!!! No new classifications. The FAR’s have become a muddied, muddled mess since the addition of all of these new classes. Part 103 was OK, because it essentially set a bottom limit to the standard class so that anything below that limit was not regulated, so it didn’t add a bunch of new and...
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    Deburr using drill and 400 grit sandpaper?

    I had one of those (the blue handled So shaft) and it worked great. Quick and easy. Of course, if you’re working with a closed structure, you can’t always get to the back of the hole.
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    Boat, Plane. Plane, Boat.

    Pros and cons of boats vs planes: BOAT PLANE Fun for the whole family Fun for the pilot, transportation for the family You can park in the middle of the lake and relax You cannot park in the middle of the sky, and the pilot cannot relax You can't go very far, just in circles You can go...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I predict a split-off of the recent model based post into their own thread. Anyone wanna give me odds on that?