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    Small turboprop engines..?

    There is no way a piston will gain more effeciency than a turbine engine. At least not by today's standards.
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    Zenith 801 for African high altitude flying

    YAAA Hooo!!! Amen to that brother! I am all for the Bearhawk. Curtis
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    Another, another new guy! :)

    Howdy everyone, I am absolutely new here and I think I am going to love it! I am currenttly deciding between the Bearhawk OR, Bearhawk Patrol.I plan on doing a lot of mountain flying. I am float rated plus have lots of time on skiis. I enjoy hearing evreyone's input. It is such valuably info...
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    how to weld 4130

    I have briefly welded 4130 with both O/A and Tig. I actually perfer the TIG due to the control via the pedal. BUT. I am still seeking an asnswer as to which weld is stronger. Reason is, a number of years ago me and my dad and brother had an Aeronca Super Chief with an engine mount that was TIG...