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    What is this twin engine seaplane

    What if that isn't true? What if we never want to fly across the Pacific ... as hero pilots or even just regular pilots? Maybe some of us think single engine pilots are morons?
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    Hydrogen generation use and storage.
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    Please PLEASE somebody give me the word !

    I thought it was funny, the C-130 on floats. C-130's are called by some the glass wing airplane due to the numerous spar patches, the suitability for seaplane use is dubious.
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    Hydrogen generation use and storage.

    Are you saying hydrogen is best used in modified ICE? I have some questions. The ability to recycle the KONTAK organic Carrier hundreds of times? What does this mean? Is this fuel only compatible with diesel type engines? What is the weight of the fuel with...
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    Hydrogen generation use and storage.

    Put a probe up their *.
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    Thread Drift

    When you are done, full power, roll inverted, aft stick until vertical.
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    Hydrogen generation use and storage.

    EERE Home
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    Thread Drift

    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range Post #2,114 and post #2,120
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    They have different weights if you check box in left column.!suspension_capacity%3D1200%20lb
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    Thread Drift

    Hydro carbon is not intuitive. I mean if you want to use hydrogen to help minimize the carbon footprint combining hydrogen with carbon seems counter intuitive?
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    Thread Drift

    I am trying to get some weights vs energy for hydrogen system compared to gasoline system. So far it seems 1 kilo of hydrogen has approximately the same energy as 2.8 kilo's of gasoline? (from, Alternative Fuels Data Center: Hydrogen Basics ) "The energy in 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) of...
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    You may want to paint, especially the steel. Painting stuff like this often takes a backseat but is easier if planned in the building process.
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    Volksplane VP-2 Mk2 wing project

    While routing a solid Doug Fir or Spruce spar like the picture in post #1 certainly looks super cool, wouldn't it be considering the obtainability of suitable material desirable to make a built up spar with a plywood web, Doug Fir or Spruce caps, and Pine vertical stiffening blocks? Is it...
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    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    There are many configurations that are safe, it is not realistic to pick one without a mission implied. Mostly I figure you can teach a monkey to fly, unfortunately you cannot teach a monkey good judgement. It is imperative for a pilot to know the limitations of the aircraft they are flying and...