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    Wittman Buttercup

    Love the pictures Mike. Beautiful workmanship! Have you thought about making a "walk around" video? A detailed video tour of your plane would be great. Glenn
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    I have a pair of Piper (I believe they are PA 30) fork & tube assemblies for sale. I hope to find a good home for these as they are too robust for my aircraft project.
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    Thatcher Cx4 what do you think?

    I spoke to Dave at Sun-n-Fun this year. I think, as you mentioned concerning WWII type replicas being costly, that the CX4 is a GREAT choice. I'm sure that you're also aware of the CX5 in developement. I sat in the CX4 and LOVED IT! I'm 5'10" and about 200lbs and I thought the cockpit was...
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    Hi Jack: Hope you're doing well. Hoping to see a few more pictures soon. How close are you to...

    Hi Jack: Hope you're doing well. Hoping to see a few more pictures soon. How close are you to completion now? Glenn
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    Building a semi human powered flying device

    Greetings Jarno: A part of your project summary, "-Want to use widely available materials", troubles me greatly. Attempting an extraordinary feat with ordinary (my term for widely available) materials seems the surest path to failure. Concerning "And finally the wings primary spars will be...
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    Is a roll illegal without a parachute?

    I'm not sure that a BRS is the answer 100% of the time (as DJ said). Failure of Ultralight Parachute CRASH - YouTube I don't know if the BRS in this video was a commercial product or a do it yourself project that went horribly wrong. But it's something to think about. Glenn
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    AERO_PICNIC in Bielsko-Biala,Poland.

    Very nice video. THANKS for sharing! Glenn
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    Galloping Ghost crash Reno 2011

    I believe Dago Red lost a rudder trim tab in 2008 at Reno. I'm surprised that trim tabs are coming off of these planes. Flight mechanics and engineers have had decades to figure out these problems. In the mid fifties, Chuck Yeager was flying an F-86 in Texas, for the film Jet Pilot. After...
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    Galloping Ghost crash Reno 2011

    I was wanting to take me wife to Reno this year. So tragic for everyone. Just horrible.
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    That's a NICE looking cow you've got there. Looks friendly!

    That's a NICE looking cow you've got there. Looks friendly!
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    Two-seat MiniMax?

    NorthwestJack has a SWEET project ( that I would recommend as well. It clearly has the design objectives, concerning doscile flight characteristics, that you're looking for. Glenn
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    Two-seat MiniMax?

    Also the Warner Sportster is a candidate.
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    Two-seat MiniMax?

    A tandem Fly Baby mod has been done by Hevle Aviation. This link shows it in flight: Fly Baby Tandem Open cockpit Hevle Classic - YouTube
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    200 hour build time

    The Dream Fantasy Ultralight Trainer from Airdrome Airplanes is the only aircraft that I know of that boast a 200 hour build time. This is the same company that provided planes for the movie Flyboys.
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    Why was the AR-5 retired from use?

    I had the Arnold AR-5 construction video many years ago and found it very informative. Your statement: "airframe life due to vibration on the styrofoam panels would be my concern" leads me to think that looking to the AR-6 (as litespeed eluded) is wise. The AR-6 was built for SOMEONE ELSE to...