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  • Sorry about not getting back to you, but I dont look at my message board very often.
    I am in the final stages of cosntruction. Should be painting in a month. Will post pictures then.
    The airfoil I used is a gottingen 324. It has the highest Cl of almost all airfoils, but at the penalty of slower cruise. This means it will fly very slow, which was a main criteria for me. I used a program called airfoil maximizer ( by Da vinci tech), which lists hundreds of airfoils and compares them for different parameters.
    The roll rate should be much better than the minimax, because the full length ailerons of the minimax actually make the roll rate slower, the aileron part next to the fuselage does not give any roll effect but doubles the stick forces. So when it gets bumpy in the air I have my hands full in the minimax.
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