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    1.8 oz Dacron

    Does anyone have a clue where the lightweight Dacron is produced? I've searched and had a tough time trying to find a supplier. I mean for ordering a large quantity, of course.
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    Foam ribs with plywood capstrips?

    Looks like a scarf, seen here: that's all I got.
  3. billyvray

    Foam ribs with plywood capstrips?

    Since I posted some of the Woodpecker, I'll put up a few more:
  4. billyvray

    Foam ribs with plywood capstrips?

    got plans for the PK board autopilot? Fantastic idea
  5. billyvray

    Foam ribs with plywood capstrips?

    He never stated it directly, but it is almost 100% Dakota Hawk, plus maybe some beefing up for the bigger engine. The Youtube video on it is very cool.
  6. billyvray

    Foam ribs with plywood capstrips?

    Here are some pics of the wing construction on Brian Austein's Woodpecker. He had loaded them on the Yahoo Fisher group - may it rest in peace. Just like how I make model airplane ribs, a stack at a time!
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    Health Wealth & Happiness

    Well put, Mac, in that belief is a powerful tool in making things happen - diet included. I have been unsuccessful in realizing the belief that the Krispy Kreme and whiskey diet will carve off pounds, despite efforts to prove it.
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    I love it. MOAR please ! I like the idea of covering the large carbon or glass areas with peel ply (Dacron). The result isn't glass smooth but does not have to be for an ultralight or light plane. Go right to paint. Neat textured surface like a fabric covered surface.
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    Broad new UAS rules proposed today

    I have sent comments to my reps. I also added my own comments on the federal regulation page itself. This rule is terribly put together and is a "land-grab" (sky grab?) being pushed by big money and using fear to make all little aircraft look like dangerous weapons. As if someone wanting to do...
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    My second PIK26 is comming

    love to see the motor and build process.
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    The big video topic

    Would be cool if one could make a flywheel launch for a small sailplane, using small high rpm engine on board. Then glide and recharge and use as needed. Not a motorglider, but a reusable lift engine.
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    JSP so404 torch?

    This size torch feels like a toy. However, once in use it is wonderful. Wrists, arms, shoulders are easily more comfortable while working. I noticed that depending where you look, the JSP is roughly the same price as the Meco, sometimes cheaper, and sometimes more expensive. There are also...
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    1/2 VW plans

    What's the weight diff? I would think it would be small as the "better" half wouldn't need a new mount. If it's bored like a Casler higher hp version it should be a fine little engine....right?
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    Wanted Howland Pegasus H-3

    I have a digital copy of the plans. What I don't have is a build manual that came with them, which would be very helpful. The plans are hand drawn and would be sufficient to build from, but some info is lacking which I think the manual would provide.
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    Kolb Ultrastar - need details

    I like the idea of a hybrid flyer. Ultrastar wings and two paramotor engines - could be a rocket! that said,I have the plans for both. shoot me your email address and I'll send you a link to a google drive page
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