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    Wooden affordaplane

    I put this in post #3 but just the link. The Simplex Aero Cloudster is a ready-made airbike/affordaplane alternative. Plans are pretty decent.
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    BD-5 - Why is it so engrained in our psyches?

    My avatar is one of the early concept sketches of the BD-5. I've collected pics and articles of it forever. It just has a look that really captures the imagination. I've modeled it (RC and static) also. Even have a 3d printed version over my computer... The models I've made flew fine. But, I...
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    Starck AS.37 - one engine, two propellers

    In a similar vein, the FK-11 used two props powered via two belts and a single engine. I think this config would work, but agree that the non counter rotating props would pose issues in certain flight regimes (low speed, high power) when mounted at the wings.
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    The Verhees D-2 Delta

    LAR = Looks About Right! :) If it looks good it should fly good.
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    The United Parcel Service

    At work I've had an order of extruder parts (screw, barrel, infeed, etc) get damaged not once, but twice during shipping, resulting in a complete replacement, twice. Over $100k worth of parts. And the delay by the shipping company to find and finally get claims handled has taken 1.5 years.
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    Kalinin K-12

    I wonder how that thing controlled on the ground with no rudder in the prop wash? Kind of like the early jets that were taildraggers were very difficult to control with slow power delivery and no prop wash.
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    Nice 3/4 scale Zero with Verner

    As seen on Facebook... fine example Войдите на Facebook
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    Peter Sripol Well he's at it again

    I love the Littlewing style gyros. I'd love to see a proper clutched-drive prerotator/partially powered rotor system from someone like Dick Degraw and a Verner-powered Miss Champion-style homebuilt gyro. His Gyrhino craft are amazing.
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    New to aviation like to tinker with stuff

    There was a user on here years ago that talked about using older Johnson V-4's and chain drives successfully. We chatted for a bit but I believe he has been out of touch since. EAA has a story of an Acro Sport with a Mercury v6 which looks great but I don't know if it has flown...
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    Design challenge: world's smallest airplane.

    I submit for discussion the Trotter WSA-1 "Tiny Trotter". I biplane delta wing. Also discussed here: Trotter WSA-1 aka "Tiny Trotter"
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    Fans of the Davis DA-2...

    I've seen an examples with Corvairs fly that seem to do well, but I'm pretty sure a VW would not have the guts to be a fit for the airframe.
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    Is a half Subaru possible?

    Sorry to hijack, but here's another silly Vtwin motorcycle. The Flying Millyard - built from two Pratt and Whitney cylinders. Allen Millyard is a motorcycle fabricator and machinist. What he does with bikes in his shed is amazing. He adds cylinders and builds wild one-off bikes. His Youtube is...
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    Airplane Wanted Early Bird Jenny Plans wanted

    Not trying to steal, but I'm interested and I'm 30 minutes away...