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    Beech Staggerwing Fuselage Best Offer

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    Devfus foam

    what 'foil' did you use? Looks like a roll of plastic film.
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    Facet Opel

    Thanks for posting that letter, Mike. In reading that I feel that the original design intent would much better match what most folks would like to fly. I wonder if he or anyone would happen to have any pictures or sketches of that version: - longer, fixed gear - larger vertical stabilizers -...
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    Hot wire cutting.

    Dusan, how about showing your setup? I'm considering a cnc foam cutter (and a lowrider cutter). I like your solution to the curved shapes. It actually seems so simple (why didn't I think of that....duh)...
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    Lower budget engine options for a low budget UL

    Is there a commercially available tuned pipe made for these engines anymore?
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Is it possibly tail heavy? It never stops wobbling around. I agreee there is chasing the oscillation, but I would think it would at some point settle a bit, but it just augers around the whole time like it's out of balance. The video had me clinching.
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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    I still think an ME163 type with a tractor engine could work. Models fly great. Kind of like this quick sketch: Spar would have to move behind the pilot but it would still be pretty thick to work out.
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    Flying Flea layout, but not free-wing....shower thoughts..

    Good thoughts guys. Thanks. I'll update when/if I build a larger model.
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    Flying Flea layout, but not free-wing....shower thoughts..

    So, I printed out the HM293 single page plan. While on a conference call I cut out a simple foam board chuck glider. During the trimming/balancing phase, I had to decrease the rear wing incidence to be basically flat to get it to fly. I did NOT make the the front wing a free-wing. It flies...
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    Tacit Blue's Airfoil

    To look at any pictures, I would think the tail looks nothing like a bonanza.
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    Culver Cadet LCA-90 Auction

    do plans exist for theses Culvers? The Dart and the Cadet are too sweet. I recall the Cadet plans may be out there but never saw Dart plans.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    14 pages and no Beech 18? 2048 × 1365