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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Guys Powersport was doing the best “low RPM” wankel porting. They were tuning for 6000 RPM. They finalized at 208 HP at 6500 with very small ports. Keep in mind that all your parts need to handle that 200 HP. Bill
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Racer, often times there is even more time between first flights ans a pre-production example. Witness the DeltaHawk Diesel development. they first flew the engine about 6 years ago (est.) on a velocity and only now are they talking about selling to the public, and I still don't know if they...
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    K340 - one cylinder runs rich and other lean

    Keith, You need to do a compression or leak down test on both cylinders. For the cylinders to be that far apart indicates possible damage internally. Assuming you are using the fan cooled version it is typical for one cylinder to run a small amount hotter. IIRC that is a piston port engine, and...
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    $10 gallon Avgas

    Vigilant, I doubt TEL would EVER be a consumer product. It is extremely poisonous and hard to handle when not in solution. (In gasoline) Hell it is very hard to get any rodent poison in many states. Government agencies would freak out if you could get TEL in a bottle. Bill
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    Sheet Metal Engine Mount?

    Tim, I didn’t check all the replies but there was a well known vintage aircraft with a sheet metal bed mount. The P51 Mustang had one. Don’t remember which version. I believe there were tubular versions also. The Questare Venture also used a oilpan/sheet Metal mount. So yes it certainly can be...
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    How many people are interested in a GOOD safe psru for the rotary?

    Billski, These arguments are the biggest reason I haven't spent a bunch of money to get the gearbox into production. The unknowing anecdote repeater. Everything I mentioned in starting this thread that the original Powersport had TRULY TESTED the rotary and debugged it. Raytech had torsional...
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    OK I have checked in on Icon's progress from time to time. On their business model I have only 1 general comment. Until they can produce a LSA aircraft that costs the same as a typical car, and yes I mean typical, about 20 to 30K there will never be a long line of folks willing to become the...
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    Rolled threads or cut threads

    Rolled, or really cold forged threads are ALWAYS preferred unless it is intended to break.
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    2 stroke spark ignition diesel outboard engine

    I went back an re-searched for the two engines I had mentioned earlier. The UK engine still has a website, but hasn't been updated since 2014. dair.uk.co The 3 cylinder was fron Jade aero but they were purchased by the restructured Superior Air parts. Their last mention of the gemini engine was...
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    2 stroke spark ignition diesel outboard engine

    Group, 2 crankshaft opposed piston diesels are as old as the hills. Nothing new there but nothing wrong with that either. There are at least 2 recent abortive attempts. Aero Diesel in the UK were building a small engine, (4 piston, 2 cylinder), of about 100 HP normally aspirated. A US based firm...
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    PSRU Oil Operating Temps

    Bill ski, Russel, When running synthetic gear oils the temperature shouldn’t be a problem. They are capable of handling high pressure also. The thing I found out while talking to the Timken bearing engineers was they were concerned about oil viscosity in their larger bearings at prop rpm. The...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Charlie, You are correct about thrust bearing issues. The Mazda rotary doesn't have much in the thrust bearing department. The reduction drive has tapered roller bearings to allow thrust in both directions. Bill
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    HBA'ers as i mentioned we did a video of the test bed engine. I wasn't sure if it was still on Youtube. This the muffler built to fit in an RV-3 Bill .
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Aeromo, You are so right about stress levels. something else to consider is efficiency. The rotary is a PORTED engine with all the openings opening very quickly and like other ported engines, (think 2 cycle), they need RPM to run in their best power range. EzyBuild, You could up the pressure and...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    BTW HBA, If it is possible to post videos or MP4s I will post the short video of this dyno run here. It should be noted that there are two versions of this configuration this one being the "small port" version. That is the lower output configuration. these tests were done to check if the...