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    *^#%@ 'ing Wood Bees !!!!

    I got the bee paddle applied to my rear more that few times in my youth
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    Ultralight Biplanes

    Hovey Deltabird
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    8months later... Medical resolved. Wx sucks.

    Why is this runway so short but real wide
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    RoofTop Scale testing

    I'll try & get some pictures of some home made balances with strain gauges attached to them this week end. They're on EAA 292's demo wind tunnel
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    Flight Club - Ultralight Build Log

    The Skypup uses sewn hinges
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    Just for discussion, Mechanical fuel injection?

    IF your talking about the one that came on the aircooled VW's they were a analog system complete with intermitent Ground Loops that would cause you to drink heavily, Take Odins name in vain & must have been designed by Joe Lucas
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    Just for discussion, Mechanical fuel injection?

    Thought of that more than a few times
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    Balancing two Bing 54 Carbs on a Rotax 503

    I used one to sync the carbs on my Datsun 1600 & several friends English cars
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    Yamaha Snowmobile engine conversion

    Here you go Google Translate
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    Just for discussion, Mechanical fuel injection?

    I found the CIS on VW & Volvoe easy to work on with a good pressure gauge and adapters. How ever I HATE the LJet on the 74 seires Volvos. I had one no one could fix after some "creative repairs" done to it just beofore it was given to a new exwife in a divorce
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    Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems

    Tony lets see what your range is in the Northern part of the US in the winter with sup zero tmps for weeks on end
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    Fabric covering choice

    How about the Banana Oil smell of some model airplane dopes in the past?
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    Flying Flea plans.

    You might want to contact Paul Pontois he's very knowledgeable about the Pou
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    Yamaha Snowmobile engine conversion

    Here's a thread on a French Yamaha YG3 aircraft engine, AFIK it's flying in a Dragonfly.
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    Another Rabbit hole for Fritz the Martin KIII

    I came across the following article today, it looks like a CAD/CAM project for Fritz. Bill