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    Saberwing Updates from Azalea Aviation

    The XF is “Xtra Fast “ lol. Retract gear, IO320, lowered canopy profile, clipped wing.
  2. Bill Clapp

    Saberwing Updates from Azalea Aviation

    Front hub and gear are interference fit to the crankshaft using heat and chilling crank.
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    Saberwing Updates from Azalea Aviation

    It has been a very busy year with much happening in Azalea Aviation world. Between the shows, flying, building planes, builder support and is tough to get time to make website updates and let all you good folk know what is going on. To date... Five Saberwing aircraft have been...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    In a grey out or passed out scenario your hands are heavy and will tend to pull the stick farther back and induce more positive Gs. True of aircraft with laying back seat position. Please train guys!
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    - Just a short reply...We had done flutter testing to 225. Not the cause of accident. High (8-12G?) positive G failure of Fuse in apparent loop attempt failure.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Hi Guys, Been gone for a while...mostly because Ive been very busy but wanted to give you an update on the goings on at Azalea Aviation. Just an update on Larry's crash for those interested. We are working with NSTB and FAA in finalizing the final report. From what we know so...
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    UPDATE to the SABERWING Line....

    Hello folks...Happy Holidays to all of you. It has been a while since I have posted any updates or info. Lots has happened in the last year here at Azalea Aviation. The Saberwing line is starting to do well. Our Prototype Saberwing has been flying for FOUR years now. It has logged over 400...
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    New Corvair Powered Airplane - The Saberwing by Azalea Aviation LLC

    New update on our website about our Turbocharged Spyder Corvair engine testing and propeller testing in progress. Airplane is performing better than expected and more fun every flight. 300 hours plus now and life is great. We will be posting more as time goes by. The first customer built...
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    Corvair/Zenith/Sonex FLY-IN 15J

    We are hosting a Corvair/Zenith/SOnex fly-in September 8-9 at 15J - Cook County Airport in Adel GA. We are open to anybody interested in Corvairs or these aircraft to stop in and visit. Details are on our website If you have any questions about this event please holler!
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    Oshkosh 2017

    It was good to meet up with the HBA guys and gals here at Oshkosh....Yall ought to come out more...It looks like it will be a banner year for OSH! It full up with planes and fun! We are just giddy that Larry and I were able to fly our Saberwings up here safely and he got to fly the Homebuilt...
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    First Customer Built Saberwing takes to the Skies!

    SO far the testing is coming along great. We are at 14 hours and less than two weeks to Oshkosh. Larry is getting a feel for the plane now and should be on his own in a couple more hours of dual. It takes about 10 hours to get most of the bugs worked out and find out where improvements need...
  12. Bill Clapp

    First Customer Built Saberwing takes to the Skies!

    We at Azalea Aviation want to congratulate Larry Bothof in his successful first flights of his Saberwing. Larry purchased Saberwing Kit #003 a year and a half ago and spent 750 hours in building and finishing the airplane. It was signed off June 24th and first flew July 2. The goal is to...
  13. Bill Clapp

    New Corvair Powered Airplane - The Saberwing by Azalea Aviation LLC

    Hello All... We have made it to Sun n Fun. Safe and sound. We are located at N-010 in front of hangar D if you wish to visit. This year we flew our Turbo Saberwing with its 120HP turbocharged engine, and a Zenith 750 with a 100 HP base model Corvair engine. The aircraft are on the flight...
  14. Bill Clapp

    Debate about Mark Langford's 3rd crank failure

    Iv been flying corvair powered aircraft since 2004 and have well over 1000 hours behind them. One crank failure very early on before nitriding. Never had to shut it down. Now I use either the GM forged crank with nice radii, nitrided, with our IFB bearing system and clocked (90 to #6 throw)...
  15. Bill Clapp

    Sun n Fun 2017

    Hi Guys....Azalea Aviation will be at Sun n Fun this year with the Saberwing (will be out on the flightline) as well as a Zenith 750 (flightline) (auto engine section) We will also have a booth on the North area N-010. You all are invited to visit, grap a water of coffee from our "Corvair...