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    Source for Carbon Rods?

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    Carbon Fiber Tube Fuselage

    Use a kevlar or dynema seat and your back is protected from splitters
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    Source for Carbon Rods?

    Do you test yourself the compression or send it to a lab? Would be nice to shed some light on the test.
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    Carbon Fiber Tube Fuselage

    Thanks for the breezy link. It was the plane i was thinking about. Calculating those trusses, should be manageable and that plane is a workhorse.
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    Carbon Fiber Tube Fuselage

    I guess a mixture of both would be ideal. Initially 0º with tape and on top roving in 45 or 60º. May someone remind me the name of the plane out of tubes where the pilots sit in the air on a tube bed and a pusher engine?
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    Carbon Fiber Tube Fuselage

    Winding with roving is what fischerman use on carbonrods and its easy and fast. I would say it takes less time than welding. Some sort of combs that are left in the joint and afterwards the pins are sanded off, would make life easier in order to match the 45-60º winding. With good gloves and a...
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    Very low aspect ratio planes?

    Is there some review of the flight qualities of the SAM-9 Arrow?
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    Homemade Autopilot with a Raspberry/computer

    Just use a matek 745 board and load inav and it flies you to your destination at programmed altitude for 65 bucks. Maybe you could also land with that setup))) Preferably you need to carry a wake up clock onboard.
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    BMW R1150

    I heard that lot of atention has to be put in the cooling of the exhaust header in tractor configurations as it is facing the back of the cylinder and has a tendency to overheat.
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    Homemade Autopilot with a Raspberry/computer

    INAV could also be useful. It has GPS tracking and preprogrammed flight path and Matek boards have gyroscopic autostabilisator. Press a button and go sleeping.
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    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    Guess he is less ambitious than we are and doesnt get lost in complexity and performance. Doing a vehicle that just takes off, would be for most of us a 1 year project and not an 8 year project most of us aim at.
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    qudacopter ice

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    10/23 Raptor Video

    looking at the ducting of the upper radiator inlet scoop, it seems like it is ducted up to a small radiator (no plenum) and after the rad, just spills the air into the engine cowl, disregarding compleltly an outlet scoop and hoping the prop at the root creates suction in the whole engine...
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    Hybrid or electric theory?

    Somebody is reading our chat))
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    V-173 / XF5U - Flying Flapjack

    What i like is that those engines at the tip rotate each one i guess to the outside, avoiding the creation of a tip vortex. Possibly the effect is that the plane has in reality a much larger AR than based on the actual planform.