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    Sorry BDD... I don't remember where I got the Cassutt plans. I'm not even sure if they are the original or complete set.
    Hello There. My name is rOMAN/UrbanRockwell. Newbie here. I joined up for the discussion as my interest is in building an ultralight with the DEMOISELLE being the inspiration
    Read a reply to a post, redesign for ultra lights in using a modern airfoil, neutral point tail arrangement & modern engine 4 replicas like the DEMOISELLE .
    Is there a place where I can find the basics of these design "rules".
    I will absolutely be building DEMOISELLE, any help what so ever to modernize this plane would be greatly appreciated.
    I am tinkering the idea of keeping the pilot/jacket lean control of lateral movement of the ailerons instead of its original wing warping, or if wing warping can be retained along with the addition of a "modern airfoil.
    Neutral point tail arrangement I'd love to know(novice here) what this means and how it will affect this plane . Thank you for you time if you have any input.

    Always the Best,

    I'm still considering Bamboo
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